Agra Metro Information, Route Map, Fares, Tenders & Updates

The Agra Metro project stands as a promising endeavor, set to transform the cityscape of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. With a comprehensive urban Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) encompassing 29.40 km, featuring 2 lines and 28 stations, this initiative is poised to redefine Agra’s transportation landscape. The project not only holds the promise of smoother commuting but also brings along significant economic and developmental implications for the city.

Unveiling the Agra Metro Journey

The Agra Metro Phase 1 project embarked on its journey with the Detailed Project Report (DPR), which was meticulously prepared by RITES. This comprehensive report, submitted for approval to the Uttar Pradesh state government on June 30, 2016, marked the inception of a visionary transit overhaul. With the subsequent designation of the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRCL) as the ‘coordinator’ in 2017, efforts were unified to initiate this transformative venture.

The project garnered momentum with the approval of the Central Government’s Cabinet in February 2019. A significant milestone was reached in July 2020 when the Supreme Court granted clearance for construction, albeit accompanied by a list of 11 conditions that UPMRCL pledged to adhere to. The construction of Phase 1’s inaugural 4 km stretch, the Taj East Gate – Taj Mahal Ramp, commenced on December 7, 2020. This historic moment was marked by the remote inauguration of the project by the Prime Minister. The Priority Corridor, encompassing a 7 km stretch with 6 stations, is a testament to the project’s impactful scope.

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Specifications and Key Details of Agra Metro

The Agra Metro project boasts remarkable specifications and key figures that underscore its potential impact:

  • Top Speed: 80 kmph
  • Average Speed: 34 kmph
  • Track Gauge: Standard Gauge – 1435 mm
  • Electrification: 750V DC Third Rail
  • Signalling: Communications-based Train Control (CBTC)
  • Estimated Cost Of Agra Metro Project : INR 12,000 Crores

The figures further accentuate the project’s significance:

  • Operational: 0 km
  • Under Construction: 11.9 km
  • Approved: 17.5 km
  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 8,379.62 crore (Line-1)
  • Estimated Ridership: 7.36 lakh/day (2031)
  • Estimated Coaches: 87 Coaches

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Unraveling the Route Insights

The Agra Metro Phase 1’s two distinct lines, each with its unique characteristics, promise to redefine Agra’s urban mobility:

Line-1: Sikandra – Taj East Gate

  • Length: 14.25 km
  • Type: Elevated (Length 6.569 km) and underground ( Length7.681 km)
  • Depot: PAC Depot (16.3 Ha)
  • Number of Stations: 14 Nos
  • Station Names: Sikandra, Guru-Ka-Taal, ISBT, Shastri Nagar (future), RBS College, Raja Ki Mandi, St. John’s (Agra University), Medical College, Jama Masjid, Agra Fort, Taj Mahal (Purani Mandi), Fatehabad Road, Basai and Taj East Gate

Line-2: Agra Cantt. – Kalindi Vihar

  • Length: 15.40 kms
  • Type: Elevated
  • Depot: Kalindi Vihar Depot (11.9 Ha)
  • Number of Stations: 15 Stops
  • Station Names: Agra Cantt., Sultanpura, Sadar Bazaar, Pratap Pura (future), Collectorate, Subhash Park, St. John’s (Agra University), Hariparvat Chauraha, Sanjay Place, M.G. Road, Sultanganj Crossing, Kamla Nagar, Rambagh, Foundary Nagar, Mandi Samiti (Agra Mandi) and Kalindi Vihar
Interactive Map of Agra Metro

Fare Structure and Ticket Costs of Agra Metro

While the precise fare structure for Agra Metro is yet to be unveiled, it is poised to usher in convenience and innovation in fare collection:

  • Plans to employ modern technologies for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system, accommodating QR codes and Near Field Communication (NFC) phones.
  • The estimated fares for various station counts are as follows:
No. of Stations Fare (Rs.)
1 Metro Station 10
2 Metro Stations 15
3-6 Metro Stations 20
7-9 Metro Stations 30
10-13 Metro Stations 40
14-17 Metro Stations 50

The Agra Metro project commands a substantial investment, with the estimated cost reaching Rs. 12,900 crore. Notably, the financing is shared between the Government of Uttar Pradesh, the Central Government, and a significant 450 million Euro loan approved by the European Investment Bank in December 2021.

Impacting Real Estate and Beyond

The Agra Metro Project extends beyond mere transportation enhancement, reaching into the realm of urban development:

  • It is set to benefit over 20 lakh residents, alleviating traffic congestion and ushering in improved transport systems.
  • The project serves as an eco-friendly travel alternative, aligning with modern sustainability practices.
  • Often observed in various cities, enhanced intra-city connectivity through such projects fuels growth in both residential and commercial real estate.

Key Dates and Progress

The journey of the Agra Metro unfolds through significant milestones:

  • Feb 28, 2019: Phase I approved by the Government of India
  • Mar 8, 2019: Prime Minister Modi lays the foundation stone
  • Dec 7, 2020: Construction work begins
  • Mar 6, 2023: Arrival of the first Agra Metro Train at PAC Metro Depot

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Connecting with Agra Metro Project

For inquiries and support, reach out through the following channels:

  • Helpline: 0522-2288869, 0522-2304014
  • Email:
  • Address: Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Administrative Building, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – 226010.

Navigating Agra’s Monuments Through Agra Metro Lines

The Agra Metro lines offer convenient access to various iconic monuments:

Corridor Monument Nearest Metro Station
Yellow Line Taj Mahal Taj Mahal Metro Station
Yellow Line Akbar’s Tomb, Sikandara Sikandara Metro Station
Yellow Line Pathar ka Ghoda Guru Ka Taal Metro Station
Yellow Line Guru Ka Taal Guru Ka Taal Metro Station
Yellow Line Tomb of Salamat Khan ISBT Metro Station
Yellow Line Sadiq Khan Tomb ISBT Metro Station
Yellow Line Delhi Gate Raja Ki Mandi Metro Station
Yellow Line Jama Masjid Jama Masjid Metro Station
Yellow Line Agra Fort Agra Fort Metro Station
Blue Line Delhi Gate Sanjay Place Metro Station
Blue Line Roman Catholic Cemetery MG Road Metro Station
Blue Line Lal Masjid Kamla Nagar Metro Station
Blue Line Ram Bagh Ram Bagh Metro Station

Tender and Construction Contractors

For detailed insights into tenders and contractors, refer to the UPMRCL’s website. Noteworthy contractors include TYPSA-Italferr JV, Tata Consulting Engineers – 3TI Progetti Italia-Ingegneria Integrata SPA – Leap Infrasys JV, and others.

Contract type Contractor / Agency
GC: General Consultants for Agra Metro TYPSA-Italferr JV
DDC: Detailed Design Consultant for Agra Metro Line-01 Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE) – 3TI Progetti Italia-Ingegneria Integrata SPA – Leap Infrasys JV
DDC: Detailed Design Consultant for Agra Metro Line-2 SYSTRA – SYSTRA MVA Consulting (India) Pvt. Ltd. JV
Civil Pkg AGCC-01: Taj East Gate – Taj Mahal Ramp (3 kms, 3 stations) Sam (India) Builtwell Pvt. Ltd.
Civil Pkg AGCC-02: RBS College Ramp – Taj Mahal Ramp (7.9 km, 7 stations) Afcons – SAM India JV
Civil Pkg AGCC-03: PAC Grounds Depot (Line-1) Lisha Engineers
Civil Pkg AGCC-04: Residential & Non-Residential Buildings at PAC Campus Vishnu Saran & Company
Civil Pkg AGCC-06: Agra Cantt – Sanjay Place (6.8 km, 7 stations) Bids Invited in February 2023
AGE-1 & 2: 750 V DC 3rd Rail Traction System, 33kV Cable Network, ASS, TSS & SCADA System Larsen & Toubro Ltd
KNPAGRS-01: Supply of 201 standard gauge cars (rolling stock) including Train Control & Signalling System for Agra & Kanpur metro projects Bombardier Transportation
KNPAGT-1: 17,700 MT Head Hardened Rails East Metals AG
KNPAGT-2: Standard gauge UIC 60 turnouts, scissor crossovers & check rails Voestalpine VAE VKN India Pvt. Ltd.
KNPAGT-3: Supply of ballastless track for Kanpur & Agra metros & fastening systems (viaduct, underground & depots) Larsen & Toubro
KNPAGT-4: Supply of 1620 MT Rails (UIC 60 / 60E1 IRS-T-2009, 880 grade, class A) for Kanpur & Agra Metro Tender is Cancelled (SAIL was only technically qualified bidder)
KNAG-01: CNC Under Floor Pit Wheel Lathe Machine H.Y.T Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd.
KNAG-02: Battery Operated Road Cum Rail Vehicle (Electric Bogie Tractor) ZAGRO Bahn-und Baumaschinen GmbH
KNAG-03: Synchronized Pit Jacks & Mobile Jacks Pfaff Verkehrstechnik GmbH
KNAG-04: Bogie Turn Table Lai Yew Seng (India) Pvt. Ltd.
KNAG-05: Re-railing Rescue Equipment Tender Cancelled
KNAG-06(R1): Rescue Vehicle Phooltas Transrail
KNAG-07: Automatic Train Washing Plant Cyclosystem India Pvt. Ltd.
KNPAGE-03: Elevators / Lifts for Agra Metro Line-1 & Kanpur Metro’s both lines Johnson Lifts. Pvt. Ltd.
KNPAGS-1: Telecommunications (Telecom) H.F.C.L Ltd.

In summary, the Agra Metro project emerges as a testament to Agra’s vision for a more connected, sustainable, and vibrant future. As the city progresses, these transformative tracks will echo with the footsteps of progress and promise, reshaping Agra’s urban narrative.

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