Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway Proejct Details And Status

Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway Proejct Details And Status

The NHAI’s 109-kilometer Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway (NH-751) is a four lane access controlled expressway in Gujarat staate that connects Sardar Patel Ring Road at Sarkhej to Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) via Dholera International Airport in Navagam. The expressway certainly will provide a better, smooth and faster connectivity from Ahmedabad to Dholera.

The land acquisition for this greenfield expressway was completed in July 2020 as part of the Delhi–Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project (DMIC). Sadbhav Engineering, GHV India, and DRA Infracon were awarded the construction contracts in November 2020.

Total Estimated Cost Rs. 4,200 crores (Including Land Acquisition cost)
Project’s Total Length 109.019 kilometers
Lanes 4 (Packages 1, 2 & 3 are expandable up to 8 lanes; Package 4 is expandable to 12 lanes)
Status Under Construction
Deadline March 2023
Owner / Agency National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
Project Model Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Between NH-8 and SH-4, SH-6, Sabarmati river course / Gulf of Khambat, the proposed Ahmedabad Dholera highway begins in Sarkhej, southwest of Ahmedabad, and runs south towards Dholera (on east side) upto DSIR (Dholera Special Investment Region).

The Proposed Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway will mostly have greenfield alignment. The project has been envisaged through the area which will have the benefits of simultaneous development as well as the expressway will provide a shorter distance thereby will save time and fuel.

Initially the expressway was planned to be constructed as 6 lane greenfield expressway. However during the phase of preparation of Detailed Project Report, it was decided to initially construct the highway as 4 lane fully access controlled greenfield expressway with a provision for expansion upto 8 lanes and for some sections upto 12 lanes in future as per the requirement.

Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway passes through a total of 30 villages.

For the construction of Ahmedabad Dholera Highway a total of approx 960 Hactares of land is being Acquired. Out of which 886 Hectares land is private and 73 Hectares of land belongs to the government.

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Key Features of Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway

The expressway is designed such that vehicles can travel with a speed upto 120 kmph.

Right of way throughout the expressway is adopted as 120 m.

Each lane on this highway will be 3.75 m wide.

Throughout the length of expressway, there will be 3 Main Toll Plazas.

The expressway will be constructed on high embankment ( 5m to 8m)

Some packages of Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway will be constructed udner Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) Mode  and some under Hybrid Annuity Mode (HAM).

The terrain throughout the alignment of the expressway is mostly plain & in some areas terrain is rolling type.

Way Side Amenities at 2 locations will be provided on the Freeway for refreshment and halt of the commuters.

CCTV Surveillance cameras , Emergency SOS calling booths , Fuel Stations etc will be installed on regular intervals on the expressway to provide a seamless and smooth travel experience.

Region under which Ahmedabad Dholera expressway is to be constructed falls under seismic zone III.

In order to make the expressway fully access controlled, there is a provision to provide boundary walls or fencing on either side of the expressway. This will help controlling the accessibility of wildlife animals , domestic animals, cattles etc on the highway thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

A total of 4478 number of trees will be cut down during the construction of Ahmedabad Dholera Highway and as compensatory plantation 97,195 trees will be planted ( plantation will be done in 3 rows on both side of the carriageway )

Structures to be constructed in Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway

Flyovers 10 Nos
Major Bridges 13 Nos
Minor Bridges 21 Nos
Vehicular Underpass 20 Nos
Light Vehicular Underpass 26 Nos
Cattle Underpass 1 Nos
Culverts 216 Nos

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Construction Cost Details of Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway

Description Cost (INR)
Site Clearance 3,25,44,304
Earth Work 4,05,99,11,560
Earth Work (Approaches) 2,37,63,52,678
Sub-base, Base-courses 2,72,76,46,011
Bituminous Pavement Courses 4,87,74,25,551
Subtotal For Highway 14,07,38,80,104
Cross Drainage Works 67,24,35,574
Major, Minor Overpass & Underpasses Bridges, Rob, Flyovers,
Flyovers 1,04,63,97,880
Vup 1,30,23,20,582
Lvup 83,29,31,263
Cup (Box) 2,08,84,835
Interchange Structures 79,45,28,676
Minor Bridges 1,69,67,77,901
Major Bridges 3,90,21,40,887
Rob’s 1,43,48,25,638
R.e.wall, Crashbarrier With Friction Slab 3,23,75,97,371
Subtotal For Structures 14,94,08,40,607
Appurtenances Traffic Signages, Road Marking, Lighting & 1,56,09,16,681
Drainage And Protection Works 1,41,35,49,521
Traffic Management System 24,59,91,565
General Items 10,01,83,241
Wayside Amenities
Tollplaza & Ramp Plaza 66,94,35,792
Subtotal For Misc. 3,99,00,76,800
Effective Gst 5% (Considering Input Credit Of 7%) On 1 To 6,8
Total Gst Taken As 12%
Civil Cost Of Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway    33,00,47,97,511

Below is the map depicting the route details of the project.

Interactive Map of Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway

To view official pdf of map details , kindly visit here

Tenders & Contractors of Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway

The Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway has been divided into four civil packages, each with a timeframe of 24 months.

Package & Chainages Contractor (Awarded Tender Value)
Package 1 (22 km): Sardar Patel Ring Road to Sindhrej Village of Ahmedabad District (Km 0.000 to 22.000) Sadbhav Engineering (Rs. 690.30 crore)
Package 2 (26.52 km): Sindhrej Village to Vejalka village of Ahmedabad District (Km 22.000 to 48.520) Sadbhav Engineering (Rs. 882 crore)
Package 3 (22.54 km): Vejalka village to Start of DSIR Zone (Km 48.520 km to 71.060) GHV India (Rs. 692 crore)
Package 4 (38.019 km): DSIR Zone of Ahmedabad District to Adhelai village of Bhavnagar district (Km 71.00 to 109.019) MKC Infrastructure (Rs. 932.22 crore)

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Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway
Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway

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