Airoli Katai Naka Freeway Project Information and Status

Airoli Katai Naka Freeway: Enhancing Connectivity

The Airoli Katai Naka Freeway is an ambitious infrastructure project undertaken by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) in Maharashtra. This 12.30-kilometer elevated road project aims to create a 6-lane access-controlled highway, connecting Airoli Bridge, Parsik, Shilphata, and Katai Naka. The freeway, constructed in three phases, includes elevated roads and a tunnel to improve transportation efficiency and connectivity in the region.

Project Details

Estimated Cost Approximately Rs. 944 crore
Project Length 12.30 kilometers
Parsik Tunnel Length 1.7 kilometers
Lanes 6
Status Under Construction
Expected Deadline 2024
Owner/ Agency Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)
Project Model EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

Phases of Construction

The Airoli-Katai Naka Freeway is being constructed in three phases:

Phase 1 (5.2 kilometers): This phase includes the construction of a road between Thane-Belapur Road and National Highway (NH-48) near Mumbra bypass. It encompasses a 3.5-kilometer section of NH-48 and a 1.7-kilometer tunnel cutting through Parsik Hill.

Phase 2 (2.2 kilometers): In this phase, an elevated road is being constructed towards the east end of Airoli Bridge.

Phase 3 (6.3 kilometers): This phase involves the construction of a road parallel to the Diva-Panvel railway line, connecting NH-48 and Katai Naka.

Route Map

An official PDF route map will be provided as soon as it becomes available, offering a comprehensive overview of the project’s route alignment and the various sections it encompasses.

Airoli Katai Naka Freeway
Airoli Katai Naka Freeway

Current Status

Currently, Phase 2 of the Airoli-Katai Naka Freeway is under construction. The project has been divided into different packages, with J Kumar Infraprojects awarded the contract for Phase 2. The construction is progressing, and it is scheduled to open in 2023. The entire project aims to benefit commuters traveling between Mumbai, Kalyan, and Badlapur Industrial Estate.

Here’s a recent update of the project by local youtuber Jaideep Kane:


Tenders & Contractors

The project involves multiple phases, and the contractors for all the packages are yet to be finalized. As of now, J Kumar Infraprojects is handling Phase 2, while the bidding process is underway for Phase 3. The exact contractors for Phase 1 are currently unknown.

Package & Chainage Contractor/Agency
Phase 1 Unknown
Phase 2 J Kumar Infraprojects
Phase 3 Bidding is Underway

Stay updated with the progress of the Airoli-Katai Naka Freeway as it aims to enhance connectivity and streamline travel in Maharashtra.

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