Barndominium Interiors Design: An Adventurous Take on Country Living

The layout and design of barndominium interiors offer manifold advantages. For those who seek a barn-style abode but prefer not to incur hefty expenses, a barndominium could be the perfect solution. Although the trend of residing in tiny homes continues to gain traction, barndominiums remain an overlooked option.

While one may choose to reside in a recreational vehicle, a duplex, or a conventional house, a barndominium boasts a distinctive appeal. In this exposé, we will provide a comprehensive guide to this avant-garde design, leaving you energized and inspired to embrace a new way of living.

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With myriad choices available, determining the optimal living arrangement to suit one’s lifestyle can prove arduous. In essence, a barndominium could be the panacea for all your domestic aspirations and desires.

A Barndominium: What is it?

The phrase “barndominium” has been employed for several years, signifying different things. It has been utilized to indicate a dwelling that imitates or was previously a barn. However, the precise meaning is becoming more focused.

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Nowadays, a Barndominium domicile is a pre-fabricated metal edifice that serves as a type of modular home. Comparable to other modular homes, the components are crafted off-site and then erected where the dwelling will be inhabited.

One may have already deduced that the term barndominium is a blend of the words “barn” and “condominium.” Primarily, they are named after these two words to exhibit cleverness and appeal rather than being designed after a condominium.

Why you should get a barndominium?

Barndominiums have emerged as an intriguing housing option, capturing the attention of a growing number of homeowners. While not everyone may find the concept appealing, there are numerous compelling reasons to invest in a barndominium, regardless of the type of dwelling one desires. The following are some of the advantages that make this type of abode a worthwhile consideration.

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Economic Viability

Although not the most inexpensive option for housing, barndominiums are quite affordable. As they are purchased as an unfinished shell, they can be acquired at a reasonable price. Further, one can finish them using less costly materials, thus reducing the overall expenses associated with the purchase.


Built with robust materials, barndominiums are generally able to endure even the harshest weather conditions and the passage of time. Their strength lies in their onsite foundation, which provides a robust base &sturdy support.

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One of the most compelling advantages of barndominiums is their versatility. One can customize the interior to their liking, choosing from various design options such as contemporary, shabby chic, or Scandinavian, rather than being restricted to a farmhouse look.

Ease of Set-Up

Setting up a barndominium is a relatively straightforward process, requiring only a team of experts to assist in the construction process. As a result, labor costs are reasonable, akin to those associated with a traditional barn-raising.

Pest Control

Barndominiums are constructed of concrete and metal, rendering them nearly pest-proof. From termites to skunks, there are few pests that will be attracted to or able to enter the premises, providing a clean and safe environment for the inhabitants.

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Barndominium Features: An Intricate Evaluation

Barndominiums showcase unique features that distinguish them from conventional housing. Some of these features are not limited to barndominiums alone, and some might be absent. However, the majority of barndominiums possess these characteristics.

Open-Concept Floor Plans

Upon purchase, barndominiums are constructed without any interior walls. Most prefer an open-concept layout to maintain good flow. This does not imply that walls cannot be constructed, but rather that load-bearing walls are naturally minimized. Open-concept homes are in vogue, and they will remain so due to their excellent flow and freshness.

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs have four sides instead of the usual two, rising at an angle and then slanting inward to close at the top. This type of roof is present in numerous colonial homes and modern houses today. The added slope in the interior can be utilized for cubbies or a loft with slanted walls, heightening the ceiling and adding a barn-like appearance to the dwelling.

Tall Ceilings

Barndominium Interiors
Barndominium Interiors

Gambrel roofs are well-known for their lofty ceilings, but even without them, barndominiums must have high ceilings, a defining characteristic that sets them apart. This holds true for many open-concept homes, as opening up the ceiling creates an illusion of a bigger space. It is vital that barndominiums appear spacious from within.

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Concrete Floors

Barndominium Interiors

While it is possible to utilize the concrete subfloor in a barndominium, the majority of individuals opt to retain it as their primary flooring option. The versatility of concrete flooring permits it to be painted, stained, or merely sealed to maintain its natural appearance. Concrete floors are renowned for their durability, solidity, and adaptability to a variety of design preferences. Consequently, they should be regarded as a feasible choice for flooring.

Metal Siding

Barndominium Interiors

In order for a structure to qualify as a barndominium, it is imperative that it possess metal siding. While there are other potential options available, neglecting to include metal siding would render it ineligible for the classification of a barndominium. Nevertheless, there is no inherent issue with utilizing an alternative siding material. Metal siding offers remarkable strength and durability, and with the proper selection, it can last a lifetime. It is available in an extensive array of colors and textures specifically designed for residential siding purposes.

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Barndominium interiors and exterior Kits

Barndominium interiors and exterior kits are available for purchase worldwide, although it is advisable to procure from local suppliers to avoid expensive shipping fees, given the considerable weight of the materials involved. These kits were originally intended for non-residential purposes such as car shops, workshops, churches, dance halls, and other recreational activities, but have recently become popular options for housing solutions as well.

Opting for a kit presents an opportunity to save on costs since the plans are already in place, and construction can proceed rapidly. Despite the pre-existing plans, customization remains an option for interested parties. Purchasing a kit will generally result in a cost savings of approximately 50% compared to building from scratch on one’s own property. This is the principal reason behind the growing popularity of this option. However, what further insights are worth knowing regarding the prices of barndominium kits?

Barndominium Interiors Concepts

Now arrives the moment of amusement. Allow us to expound upon the designs for the interior of a barndominium. The options are numerous and distinguishable, but we shall commence with a few to set you on the correct path.

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Barndominium Interiors

Reclaimed Timber

Utilizing reclaimed timber for beams, supports, and embellishments is an excellent choice. This option works for nearly any design style but is particularly fitting for those with a rustic disposition, which is what barndominiums exemplify. Hence, it is a seamless match. Obtaining salvaged wood from actual barns and including them in your barndominium interiors kit is ideal, but if that is not feasible, you can mimic the appearance with bleached wood or a similar technique to distress the wood.

Cathedral Ceilings

High ceilings are a foregone conclusion, but barndominiums frequently feature cathedral ceilings. These are not simply high ceilings; rather, they are self-sustaining ceilings that require no beams or load-bearing walls. This results in a more expansive and breezy room. Most barndominium interiors and exterior kits include cathedral ceilings that do not necessitate any additional support, enabling you to construct walls as you prefer without jeopardizing stability.

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Fireplace or Cooking Stove

Both fireplaces and wood-burning cooking stoves are ideal for any barndominium. Not only do they typically complement the decor style, but they also function admirably in the open space with high ceilings. Open spaces and high ceilings are less prone to pose a fire hazard.

Distinctive Loft

Constructing lofts can be an extremely pleasurable activity. You may transform them into whatever you wish, such as an office area, storage space, or even a bedroom. Loft rooms are delightful, and children adore creating a den within them. Barndominiums almost always have a loft. It is located above the bathroom and occasionally above the bedrooms since only the bathroom needs to be enclosed, while the other rooms may remain open.


Barndominiums, though not typically associated with elegance, can be adorned with opulent chandeliers. These lighting fixtures can be tailored to fit any design preference. For a more rustic look, some opt for chandeliers constructed from antlers or weathered wood.

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String lights

String lights, traditionally reserved for outdoor patios and holiday festivities, can also serve as breathtaking indoor lighting for a barndominium. They can be hung from the lofty ceilings or strung under the loft for a more subdued lighting effect. Fairy lights provide a softer ambiance, while larger bulbs give off a more rustic feel. Both types of string lights can be utilized to highlight the beauty of a barndominium’s walls and ceilings.

Repurposed Furniture

Incorporating repurposed furniture can add a natural farmhouse feel to any barndominium interiors. While this furniture style is suitable for any home, it is particularly well-suited for the barndominium aesthetic. Numerous markets offer a wide variety of options for shopping, or for those seeking an even better deal, online furniture thrift stores provide a treasure trove of affordable and attractive barndominium interiors furnishings.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What Is The Average Total Cost Of A Barndominium?

Barndominiums typically cost $160,000. To put this in context, the average home price in the United States is $ 375,000.

What Are Some Negative Aspects Of A Barndominium?

Some people dislike their open, spacious floor plans. A barndominium also largely relies on load-bearing walls. If you ignore this characteristic, you will end up with a badly constructed construction..

Are Barndominiums Good In Cold Weather?

The houses were designed for use in colder areas. The igloo inspired the home style, which should tell you something about how well it can resist frigid weather.

How Long Will A Barndominium Last?

If your barndominium was built with high-quality materials, it should last for a long period. Buildings composed of the best materials can last for more than a century.

How long does it take to build a Barndominium?

A barndominium takes around-three to seven months to build. Yet, like with all building projects, the time necessary to build a barndominium is proportional to its size.

What is the downside to a barndominium?

A barndominium is not a traditional home, therefore while they are becoming more popular, they do not appeal to the general public. They may be tough to sell in the future if you decide to sell-because they are a niche market with floor plans that are personalised to each owner’s preferences.

Is it cheaper to build a traditional house or barndominium?

A metal building means your barndo will be more sturdyy and survive longer; pre-fab barndominium construction took nearly 50% less time than traditional construction materials, & it can be 50 % less expensive.

What is a realistic cost of a barndominium?

In general, the cost of constructing a barndominium ranges from $ 62 and $136 per square foot. As compared to a standard home build, which costs between $100 & $ 150 per square foot, it’s clear to understand why barndos are an economical custom home building alternative!!

Are Barndominiums really cheaper?

Is it less expensive to build a house or a barndominium? It all depends. A barndominium in Texas costs between $70 and $95 per square foot to build, whereas a house costs between $115 and $145 per square foot.

Conclusion on Barndominium Interiors

The barndominium lifestyle could be just what you’re looking for. Nothing can stop you from constructing your ideal barndominium. You may convert a metal shed into a fascinating barndominium living area.

Put some spray foam insulation and robust farm doors in the front, and you’ll be fine.

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