Chambal Expressway aka Atal Progressway Complete Project Details

Timeline of Chambal Expressway

Chambal Expressway is also known as Atal Progressway. The project was first announced in the year 2017 by the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The project pace was very slow at the initial stages. Bue ever since congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia left his party and joined BJP in year 2020, the Chambal Expressway got its pace back. In the year 2021, Chambal Expressway or Atal Progressway got included under Bharatmala Pariyojana Phase – I.

Atal Progressway / Chambal Expressway Route Map
Atal Progressway / Chambal Expressway Route Map

Projet Brief of Atal Progressway

Friends, Chambal River is one of the important Tributary of Yamuna River which forms a boundary or border between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and it some of its portion also falls in the border between Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The surrounding area of Chambal river is called as Chambal Division which is generally known for its backwardness which comes in the list of some of the most backward areas in India.

The Chambal Division has negligible development with no industrialization & lack of infrastructure system and to boost the development and growth of this division, Madhya Pradesh state government has decided to construct of an expressway parallelly along the Chambal River which will be named as Atal Progressway.

Route Alignment of Chambal Expressway

Atal progress way will be a 4 lane fully access controlled greenfield expressway. Throughout its stretch, the expressway will cover 5 districts in 3 states viz. Rajasthan,  Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. In Rajasthan, the freeway will cross Kota district. In Madhya Pradesh, it will pass through Sheopur, Morena, Bhind & In Uttar Pradesh, it will end at Etawah district.

 Interactive Map of Atal Progressway / Chambal Expressway

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Salient Features of Chambal Expressway or Atal Progressway

Chambal Expressway or Atal Progressway will be initially constructed as a 4 lane Greenfield Fully Access Controlled Expressway which will have the provision to be expanded up to 6 lanes as per the increased traffic density. Overall length of the expressway will be 408.77 Kms. The majority of its stretch will be constructed in Madhya Pradesh. The expressway will cover a distance of 72 Kms in Rajasthan, 313.81 Km in Madhya Pradesh, 22.96 Km in Uttar Pradesh.

The Right of Way (ROW) of Chambal Expressway will be 60 m in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh states whereas in Madhya Pradesh, the ROW of the same will be 100 m wide.

Overall terrain of the project is of plain type. Mostly, along the stretch the land use pattern is found as barren, agriculture and forest.

Some portion of the Atal Progressway will pass through the National Chambal Sanctuary, which is an Eco Sensitive Area. The proposed alignment of the same falls under seismic zone II, III & IV. The carriageway / pavement of the expressway will be flexible type which means highway will be constructed using Bitumen or Asphalt.

The freeway is designed in such way that vehicles can move with a speed of 120 kmph. Throughout its stretch, Atal Progressway will cross 7 National Highways.

One important information regarding this expressway is throughout its stretch, Atal Progressway will cross and intersect India’s most important National Highways like Golden Quadrilateral, North South Corridor, East West Corridor, Delhi Mumbai Expressway etc.

Following structures have been proposed under the project of Chambal Expressway:

Type of Structures Nos
Railway Over Bridge 4 Nos
Major Bridge 18 Nos
Minor Bridge 171 Nos
Small Vehicular Underpass 97 Nos
Vehicular Underpass 16 Nos
Light Vehicular Underpass 88 Nos
Flyovers 9 Nos
Culverts 599 Nos

Advanced traffic management system will be adopted on this expressway. CCTV Cameras, Emergency Calling Booths, Fuel Stations, Way Side Amenities etc will be installed on regular intervals.

During the construction phase, a total of 1735 Nos of trees will be cut down.

Quantity of construction materials to be used in the construction of Chambal Expressway is literally huge.

Earthwork 19 Crore Cum
Sand 22 Lakh Cum
Aggregates 1 Crore Cum
Cement 65 Lakh MT
Steel 2.65 Lakh MT
Bitumen 2.5 Lakh MT
Water 40,000 KL

Project Completion , Land Acquisition Details & Cost of Chambal Expressway

For the construction of Chambal Expressway, a total of 3900 Hectares of land is being acquired. The overall cost of this 408 km long Atal Progressway is estimated as INR 12,170 Crores.

Currently, the detailed project report of the project has been prepared & presently Land Acquisition work is under progress. After Land Acquisition, tenders will be invited for civil construction work. According to the current progress, the completion of the Chambal Expressway project is expected in year 2025 according to reports.

Find more details about the project here:

Tender, Package & Contractor Details:

Package Chainage Contractor (Value)
Pkg 1 Scope Unknown TBD
Pkg 2 Scope Unknown TBD
Pkg 3 Km 94.100 (village sada ka pada in Sheopur Dist.) to km 155.00 (village Chhavar in Sheopur District) 15 Bids Received
Pkg 4 Km 155.400 (vill Chhavar in Sheopur District) to km 206.000 (village Jhundpura in Morena Dist.) 14 Bids Received
Pkg 5 Km 206.000 (Village Jhundpura In Morena District) To Km 265.000 (Village Maithana In Morena District) 18 Bids Received
Pkg 6 Km 265.000 (Village Maithana Morena Dist.) to KM 312.950 (Village Kuretha in Morena Dist.) 17 Bids Received

Benefits after completion of Atal Progressway project

Certainly, after successful completion of this project, Atal Progressway will be a boon for the infrastructure growth, development and industrialization of the Chambal Division. Additionally, it will be a game-changer project for the native habitats of the areas from Chambal and nearby. Once completed, the native farmers can transport their crops to the bigger market in cities within no time. Better connectivity services will definitely attract industries to set their plants up near the expressway which will certainly give a strong push to the socio and economical growth of the backward region.

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Village list of Chambal Expressway

If we look at the route alignment bit more deeper, the expressway will start from NH 27 (near Mumbai – Vadodara Expressway) in Seemalaya village , Digodh Tehsil , Kota District. It will pass through following villages throughout its stretch :

Village Tehsil District
Kotra Deepsingh Digod Kota
Takarwara Digod Kota
Peepalda Beeram Digod Kota
Budhadeet Digod Kota
Banethiya Digod Kota
Saneeja Baori Digod Kota
Jahangeerpura Digod Kota
Dhanwa Digod Kota
Borkhera Digod Kota
Morpa Digod Kota
Napahera Digod Kota
Amarpura Digod Kota
Surela Digod Kota
Prempura Digod Kota
Chawandheri Digod Kota
Padasalya Digod Kota
Deopura Digod Kota
Kalyanpura Digod Kota
Ukalda Digod Kota
Polai Khurd Digod Kota
Kishan Ganj Digod Kota
Kareela Pipalda Kalan Kota
Ranodiya Pipalda Kalan Kota
Kherlimaharaja Pipalda Kalan Kota
Khatauli Pipalda Kalan Kota
Gordhanpura Pipalda Kalan Kota
Farera Pipalda Kalan Kota
Beeroda Pipalda Kalan Kota
Bhairoopura Pipalda Kalan Kota
Kherli Berisal Pipalda Kalan Kota
Deopura Pipalda Kalan Kota
Shobhagpura Pipalda Kalan Kota
Lachhmipura Pipalda Kalan Kota
Karwar Pipalda Kalan Kota
Itawa Pipalda Kalan Kota
Gondi Pipalda Kalan Kota
Kishanwas Pipalda Kalan Kota
Bijawata Pipalda Kalan Kota
Nalawata Pipalda Kalan Kota
Chhatra Pura Pipalda Kalan Kota
Kishanpura @ Allapura Pipalda Kalan Kota
Nitanwas (Bijaipur) Bijaipur Sheopur
Pancho Bijaipur Sheopur
Sikheda Bijaipur Sheopur
Jimarchha Bijaipur Sheopur
Liloli Bijaipur Sheopur
Nadigaon Bijaipur Sheopur
Ghughas Bijaipur Sheopur
Dubawali Bijaipur Sheopur
Jamurda Bijaipur Sheopur
Baroli Bijaipur Sheopur
Jaitpura Bijaipur Sheopur
Parashta Bijaipur Sheopur
Nimach Bijaipur Sheopur
Hirapura Bijaipur Sheopur
Arrodari Bijaipur Sheopur
Sudhara Bijaipur Sheopur
Milawali Bijaipur Sheopur
Kheroda Khurd Bijaipur Sheopur
Sukhwas Bijaipur Sheopur
Hasalpur Khurd Bijaipur Sheopur
Bhurendi Bijaipur Sheopur
Danteti Sheopur Sheopur
Khirkhiri Sheopur Sheopur
Biloni Sheopur Sheopur
Bagdari Sheopur Sheopur
Bagdiya Sheopur Sheopur
Makrod Sheopur Sheopur
Fatehpur T.Manpur Sheopur Sheopur
Sewapur Sheopur Sheopur
Sirsod Sheopur Sheopur
Jaini Sheopur Sheopur
Tongni Sheopur Sheopur
Dhiroli Sheopur Sheopur
Jawasa Sheopur Sheopur
Awani Sheopur Sheopur
Unchakheda Sheopur Sheopur
Samarsa Sheopur Sheopur
Bichpuri Sheopur Sheopur
Lechoda Sheopur Sheopur
Dantarda Kalan Sheopur Sheopur
Mudalapada Sheopur Sheopur
Banwada Sheopur Sheopur
Adoosa Sheopur Sheopur
Ichhana Khedi Sheopur Sheopur
Mohammadpur Sheopur Sheopur
Pahadlya Sheopur Sheopur
Chak Juwad Sheopur Sheopur
Juwad Sheopur Sheopur
Makhana Khedi Sheopur Sheopur
Jalalpura Sheopur Sheopur
Cheeta Khedi Sheopur Sheopur
Adwad Sheopur Sheopur
Bitthalpur Sheopur Sheopur
Dawarsa Sheopur Sheopur
Pandli Sheopur Sheopur
Ludhawali Ambah Morena
Ratan Basai Ambah Morena
Rachhed Ambah Morena
Raipur Ambah Morena
Rithaura Marjadgarh Ambah Morena
Ruar Ambah Morena
Mahua Ambah Morena
Bicholi Ambah Morena
Vijaygarh Ambah Morena
Kundauna Ambah Morena
Barwai Ambah Morena
Kuraitha Ambah Morena
Tilol Ambah Morena
Silawali Ambah Morena
Goonjh Ambah Morena
Dhorra Ambah Morena
Nagra Porsa Ambah Morena
Kisroli Ambah Morena
Khirenta Ambah Morena
Kuthiyana Ambah Morena
Dandoli Ambah Morena
Johan Ambah Morena
Esah Ambah Morena
Khandoli Jora Morena
Gudha Chambal Jora Morena
Mathurapura Jora Morena
Bindwa Deogarh Jora Morena
Sarsaini Jora Morena
Tajpur Jora Morena
Chhinwara Jora Morena
Uttampura Jora Morena
Gurja Jora Morena
Kolhudanda Jora Morena
Kotara Jora Morena
Milaua Jora Morena
Brijgadhi Jora Morena
Tindokhar Jora Morena
Chinnoni Chambal Jora Morena
Singhroli Jora Morena
Kathawana Jora Morena
Barred Jora Morena
Rithora Khurd Morena Morena
Gorkha Morena Morena
Jakhona Morena Morena
Gadora Morena Morena
Gospur Morena Morena
Nayakpura Morena Morena
Piprai Morena Morena
Jaitpur Chambal Morena Morena
Masoodpur Morena Morena
Vindwa Chambal Morena Morena
Kainthari Morena Morena
Jhundpura Sabalgarh Morena
Kalarghati Sabalgarh Morena
Norawali Kheron Sabalgarh Morena
Banwara Sabalgarh Morena
Kheron Sabalgarh Morena
Palari Sabalgarh Morena
Gaji Kheda Sabalgarh Morena
Rahu Ka Gaon Sabalgarh Morena
Kheda Digwar Sabalgarh Morena
Digwar Sabalgarh Morena
Atar Sabalgarh Morena
Gondoli Sabalgarh Morena
Gadula Sabalgarh Morena
Kaimara Khurd Sabalgarh Morena
Barotha Sabalgarh Morena
Kaimara Kalan Sabalgarh Morena
Kachhinda Sabalgarh Morena
Akon Bhind Bhind
Himmatpura Bhind Bhind
Jamsara Bhind Bhind
Khipona Bhind Bhind
Salimpur Bhind Bhind
Bhadawali Bhind Bhind
Bindwa (Ater) Bhind Bhind
Chilonga Bhind Bhind
Bijora Bhind Bhind
Koshath Bhind Bhind
Surajpura Bhind Bhind
Repura (Ater) Bhind Bhind
Arjunpura Bhind Bhind
Nawali Brindawan Bhind Bhind
Kherat Bhind Bhind
Kanera Bhind Bhind
Chitawali Bhind Bhind
Pariyaya Bhind Bhind
Ghinochi Bhind Bhind
Kadora Bhind Bhind
Rama Bhind Bhind
Ahrolikali Bhind Bhind
Gader Bhind Bhind
Jori Ahir Bhind Bhind
Ranipura Bhind Bhind
Gadha Bhind Bhind
Barhi Bhind Bhind
Chachar Bhind Bhind
Badapura Bhind Bhind
Baderi Bhind Bhind
Sitora Etawah Etawah
Merhi Dudhi Bharthana Etawah
Nigoh Ekarpur Bharthana Etawah
Basoli Ghat Bharthana Etawah
Ibrahimpur Bharthana Etawah
Akabarpur Daulatpur Bharthana Etawah
Damoderpur Bharthana Etawah
Prathvipur Bhonakpur Etawah Etawah
Maniya Mau Bharthana Etawah
Dharampura Bharthana Etawah
Balampur Bharthana Etawah
Daipura Bharthana Etawah
Nagla Jek Bharthana Etawah
Piparipur Ghar Bharthana Etawah
Dadora Bharthana Etawah
Asai Etawah Etawah
Rampura Etawah Etawah
Kheda Azab Singh Etawah Etawah
Gaati Etawah Etawah
Nigoh Buapur Bharthana Etawah

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