Dahod-Bodeli Greenfield Highway Project (Link Spur to Delhi Mumbai Expressway)


In the grand tapestry of infrastructure development, road projects are the threads that weave communities together and foster economic prosperity. A testament to this is the forthcoming Greenfield highway between Dahod and Bodeli, which is set to bring a transformative shift to the region’s connectivity and socio-economic landscape.

Overview and Salient Features of the Project

The envisioned Dahod-Bodeli Greenfield Highway, once completed, will become an integral part of NH-56, fostering seamless movement and accessibility. This project is strategically located approximately 3.6 kilometers away from the Vadodara-Delhi Expressway junction, linking the existing NH-56 to Dahod. Beyond serving as a vital linkage, this highway project assumes significance as a connector of various national and state highways, major district roads, and local thoroughfares. The project spans across two districts – Dahod and Chhotaudepur – and encompasses nine Talukas. Of these, Dahod district falls under the category of Aspirational Districts, a term assigned to regions grappling with socio-economic challenges.

  • Project Name: Construction of 4 Lane Greenfield Highway from Dahod (on Delhi Mumbai Expressway) to Bodeli Section of NH- 56 in the state of Gujarat
  • Project Length: 94.096 kilometers
  • Lanes: 4 Lanes
  • Total Land Area Requirement: 467.13 ha
  • Estimated Project Cost: INR 2209 Crores
  • Implementing Agency: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Project Type: Greenfield alignment
  • Current Status: Environmental Clearance Stage

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Proposed Route Alignment of Dahod-Bodeli Greenfield Highway

The proposed route alignment covers a distance of 94.096 kilometers, embarking from the Delhi-Vadodara Expressway junction in Moti Handi village of Jhalod Taluka, Dahod district, and culminating at the intersection with existing NH-56 in Jabugam village of Bodeli Taluka, Chhotaudepur district. The alignment passes through two districts, making it a conduit for socio-economic development in these areas.

Interactive Map of Dahod-Bodeli Greenfield Highway

Proposed Structures on the Expressway

The Greenfield highway is designed to seamlessly accommodate various types of structures to enhance safety and efficiency. These include interchanges, flyovers, underpasses, overpasses, and bridges. These structures not only facilitate smooth traffic flow but also ensure minimal environmental impact while traversing rugged terrains.

Structure Type Locations
Interchange 2
Flyover 9
Vehicular Underpass 7
Light Vehicular Underpass 2
Vehicular Overpass 3
Rail over Bridge 2
Minor Bridges 27
Major Bridges 11
Bridge cum Viaduct 6

Enhancing Socio-Economic Development

The proposed highway aims to bring about a transformation in the socio-economic fabric of the region, particularly in Aspirational Districts. The benefits are far-reaching:

  • Mitigating Heavy Vehicle Traffic: The region currently witnesses the movement of heavy vehicles engaged in dolomite and sand mining activities. The improved highway connectivity will offer an efficient route to major industrial hubs and cities in the South and West of Gujarat, effectively reducing the load on the existing narrow road network.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The upgraded highway will facilitate faster access to markets, medical facilities, educational institutions, and other essential services, thereby fostering overall socio-economic development.
  • Strengthening Tribal Regions: By improving connectivity and accessibility, the project seeks to uplift tribal regions, thereby fostering economic growth and social progress.

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Project Facilities and Toll Plaza Locations

The project incorporates various facilities and toll plaza locations to cater to diverse needs:

  • Toll Plazas: Two locations have been designated for toll plazas to manage traffic and generate revenue for the maintenance and development of the highway.
  • Way Side Amenities: A way side amenity has been planned on both sides of the highway, providing travelers with essential facilities and services.
  • Truck and Bus Laybys: These facilities ensure smooth movement of heavy vehicles and buses, contributing to enhanced road safety.

Right of Way (RoW) and Project Length

The proposed right of way (RoW) varies based on terrain and requirements. Through forest areas, the RoW spans 30 meters, while in other sections, it’s 45 meters. The project road spans a total length of 94.096 kilometers, connecting the districts of Dahod and Chhotaudepur.

Materials and Quantity Estimates (Approx)

The project’s success hinges on the availability of construction materials:

Material Quantity
Steel 60,110 MT
Cement 374,700 MT
Sand 405,000 MT
Aggregates 2,670,400 MT
Soil 4,621,755 MT

Village List of Dahod-Bodeli Greenfield Highway

Dahod-Bodeli Greenfield Highway
Dahod-Bodeli Greenfield Highway

Conclusion on Dahod-Bodeli Greenfield Highway

The forthcoming Greenfield highway between Dahod and Bodeli represents not just a road project, but a lifeline of connectivity, development, and progress. With a meticulously designed route alignment, a plethora of structures catering to safety and convenience, and a commitment to uplift tribal regions, this project encapsulates the essence of transformative infrastructure development. As the wheels of progress turn, this highway will carve a path towards a brighter, more connected future for the region and its people.

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