Delhi Jaipur Super Expressway Project Details and Update

Delhi Jaipur Super Expressway: Information and Status

The Delhi Jaipur Super Expressway, also known as NH-352B, is a proposed access-controlled highway by NHAI that will connect Gurgaon, Haryana, and Chandwaji, Rajasthan. Originally planned to be 226.4 km long with 3 spurs in 2013, the project underwent realignment and reduction in length due to cost considerations. North of Jaipur, on the NH-48, the new alignment will start at kilometre 40.10 at the Kherki Dhaula Toll Plaza and end at kilometer 217.0 close to Chandwaji.

Delhi Jaipur Super Expressway
Delhi Jaipur Super Expressway

As of now, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the expressway is not available online, and the foundation stone has not been laid. However, the completion and opening of the expressway are anticipated in 2027. Pre Feasibility Report can be found here.

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Here are the key details of the Delhi-Jaipur Super Expressway:

Total Estimated Cost INR 6,350 crore
Project Length 195.1 km
Lanes 6 lanes (main expressway) and 4 lanes (service road)
Owner National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)
Status Land acquisition underway
Project Model Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

The terrain of the project road for the proposed Delhi Jaipur Super expressway is mostly plain, accounting for 90% of the route, with the remaining 10% consisting of hilly or rolling terrain. The expressway will pass through 372 villages, 11 talukas, and 7 districts, namely Gurgaon, Jhajjar, Rewari, Mewat, Mahendergarh, Alwar, and Jaipur, spanning across two states.

The proposed right-of-way (RoW) for the expressway will be 90 meters. The total land acquisition required for the project is 1755.90 hectares, which includes 360.65 hectares of government-owned land, 1354.98 hectares of private land, 1.22 hectares of reserve forest area in Haryana state, 30.821 hectares of protected forest area in Rajasthan state, and 8.907 hectares of protected land notified for managerial purposes in Haryana state.

Notably, the Sultanpur bird sanctuary is located at a distance of 2.24 kilometers from the main expressway.

The total length of the proposed road is 195.10 kilometers, which includes the construction of various structures such as road overbridges (ROB), ROB cum vehicular underpasses (VUP), flyovers, pedestrian underpasses (PUP), cattle underpasses (CUP), and VUP/overpasses. An elevated corridor of 11.5 kilometers will also be part of the expressway. To maintain the natural drainage pattern of the area, minor and major bridges and culverts will be constructed. Additionally, interchanges and entry/exit ramps are proposed at specific locations.

Toll plazas/toll booths with a closed tolling system are planned at all entry and exit points of the proposed expressway.

It is estimated that approximately 14,650 trees will need to be felled for the construction activities associated with the project.

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Route Map of Delhi Jaipur Super Expressway

The route map and village list in the form of a PDF will be provided once available. The expressway’s alignment will connect seven districts in Haryana and Rajasthan: Gurgaon, Rewari, Jhajjar, Mahendragarh, Alwar, Jaipur, and Sikar.


Tenders Package and Contractors

Updates regarding tenders and contractors will be provided as soon as the construction tender notices are invited.

Please note that the information regarding the package, chainage, and contractor value is currently unknown and will be updated when available.

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