Durg Raipur Arang Expressway Project Details, Route Map, Status, Contractors Information

Introduction and Need of Durg Raipur Arang Expressway

The existing highway between Durg and Raipur is a 80 km stretch of road located in the NH-53 in India. This highway is a part of the Mumbai-Kolkata economic corridor and currently has a four-lane dual carriageway with a raised median and service roads for most of its length.

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The existing pavement condition is generally good and there are 16 underpasses, overpasses, and flyovers, as well as 4 rail overbridges. The road is currently operated on a build-operate-transfer basis and has five toll plazas along its length, four of which are operational. The right-of-way for most of the road is 40.95 meters, although it varies from 30-45 meters in other sections. The road passes through several built-up areas, including Durg, Bhilai, and Raipur, and requires bypasses due to the lack of available right-of-way.

In order to address these issues, a new green field alignment has been proposed for the entire length of the road from Durg to Raipur. The proposed alignment would start at the same point as the existing road, near Tendesara in Durg, and end near Arang village, approximately 35 km from Raipur and 20 km from the original end point. The proposed alignment would bypass all major built-up areas and provide direct connectivity to Naya Raipur and the Raipur Airport.

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The road would traverse through the districts of Rajnandgaon, Durg, and Raipur, all of which are rich in limestone and dolomite, valuable resources for cement and metallurgical purposes.

Details about Durg Arang Raipur Expressway

The 92 km Durg – Raipur – Arang Expressway (NH53) is a proposed project being undertaken by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) as part of the Bharatmala Pariyojna (BMP). This greenfield expressway will be a 6 lane, access-controlled highway running entirely through Chhattisgarh, serving as a bypass around Raipur and connecting Naya Raipur.

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the expressway was prepared by Transys Consulting Pvt. Ltd., and land acquisition for the project began in 2020. With an estimated cost of Rs. 2297 crore, this expressway will have a total length of approximately 92 km, with 6 lanes and a Right of Way (RoW) of 70m. The project is currently in the land acquisition phase, with the technical bid evaluation underway.

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The deadline for completion of the expressway is December 2025, and it will be implemented using the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) model. This expressway represents a significant infrastructure investment in Chhattisgarh and has the potential to greatly improve connectivity and economic development in the region.

Salient features of Durg Raipur Arang Expressway

Highway Name Durg – Raipur – Arang Expressway (NH53)
Owner/Agency National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
Length of the project 92 km (approx.)
Lanes Proposed 6 Lanes
Right of Way (RoW) 70m
Estimated Cost Rs. 2297 crore
Project Model Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
Current Status Land Acquisition underway; Technical bid evaluation underway
Estimated Deadline December 2025
Route Alignment Entirely in Chhattisgarh
Purpose of Project To serve as a Bypass around Raipur and connect Naya Raipur
Detailed Project Report Prepared by Transys Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Land Acquisition Started in 2020

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Route Map of Durg Raipur Arang Expressway

Durg Raipur Arang Expressway Route Map and Project Details
Durg Raipur Arang Expressway Route Map

Interactive Map of Durg Raipur Arang Expressway Route crossing villages.

Tender and Contractor Details of Durg Raipur Arang Expressway

Package Distance Status / Contractor
Package A (NH-53)  Section of NH53 from design ch. 0+000 (Vil. Tendesara) to design ch. 44+500 (Vil. Parsada) 44.50 km SMSL-MBPL JV is lowest bidder (16 bids received)
Package B (NH53)section of NH53 from design ch. 44+500 (Vil. Parsada) to design ch. 92+230 (Vil. Paragaon) 47.73 km Kalyan Toll Infrastructure Ltd – Shelke Constructions

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Structures Proposed on Durg Raipur Arang Expressway

Description/ Type of Structures Total Unit
Trumpet Interchange/Flyover 1 Nos
Clover leaf Interchange/Overpass 1 Nos
Flyover 2 Nos
Overpass (2x36x5.5) 1 Nos
VUP (1x20x5.5) 1 Nos
VUP (1x15x5.5) 10 Nos
LVUP (1x12x4) 12 Nos
SVUP (1x7x4) 16 Nos
Total No. grade separated Structures 48 Nos
ROB 2 Nos
RUB 4 Nos
Major bridges 6 Nos
Minor bridges 27 Nos
Box culverts 167 Nos
Toll Plaza on main carriageway 2 Nos
Toll Plaza on entry/exit 12 Nos
Bus Lay Bay 2 Nos
Way Side Amenities 2 Nos
Trumpet Interchange/Overpass 2 Nos

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