Gadchiroli Durg Expressway Project Information and Update

The Gadchiroli Durg Expressway project involves the development of a greenfield expressway with full access control, spanning a length of 176.801 kilometers. It is part of the Bharatmala Pariyojana Phase-II initiative undertaken by the Government of India. The proposed expressway will connect Gadchiroli in Maharashtra to Durg, including the newly proposed Durg-Aurang bypass. With an estimated project cost of approximately 7147 crores, it promises significant economic and infrastructural benefits to the region.

This greenfield expressway project is a part of Hyderabad Raipur Economic Corridor.

Gadchiroli Durg Expressway
Gadchiroli Durg Expressway Proposed Route

Salient Features of the Project

Total Length 176.8 Km
Project Cost 7147 Km
Current Status DPR Preparation
Agency/Owner National Highways Authority of India
Expected Completion 2027
Lanes 4 Lanes
Project Model Not yet Specified

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Route Map of Gadchiroli Durg Expressway:

The proposed expressway will traverse through various locations, starting from Gadchiroli in Maharashtra and culminating in Durg, Chhattisgarh. It will provide crucial connectivity and reduce travel distances. The route will pass through towns, cities, and rural areas, stimulating development along its path.

Interactive map of Gadchiroli Durg Expressway (Proposed alignment)

Proposed Structures :

Project Components Details
Highway Length 176.801 km
Major Bridges 27
Minor Bridges 79
Flyovers 3
Viaducts 8

Material Requirements:

Material Requirements Estimated Quantity
Cement 1,011,294 metric tons (MT)
Coarse Sand 1,135,432 cubic meters (cum)
Coarse Aggregate 3,856,291 cum
Fine Aggregate 2,479,526 cum
Steel 87,325 metric tons
Bitumen 69,574 metric tons
Bitumen Emulsion 4,821 metric tons
Borrow Earth/Fly Ash 2,869,000 cum

Current Status:

The project is currently in the phase of preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR). The consultancy services are being undertaken to ensure comprehensive planning and execution of the expressway project.

Tender and Package Details:

The project is currently in the stage of preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR). The exact timeline for land acquisition and construction has not been specified. Updates on tender notices and contractors will be provided as they become available.

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