Ganga Express Highway / Expressway Complete Project Information Contractor Details

Ganga Express Highway / Expressway Project Details Complete Details

PHASE-I : Ganga Expressway is an a sanctioned 594 km long, 6-lane wide (expandable to 8) greenfield expressway in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Phase-1 of the project will connect Bijauli village on NH-334 in Meerut district with Judapur Dandu village on NH-19 in Prayagraj District. The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet meeting at Prayagraj, the venue of the Kumbh Mela, gave nod to construct the Ganga Expressway between Meerut and Prayagraj on 29 January 2019.The foundation stone for construction was laid on 18 December 2021 by PM Narendra Modi in Shahjahanpur. The expressway is Proposed  to be completed by 2024.

PHASE-II : In February 2021, Uttar Pradesh’s state government decided to expand the project on either end- from Prayagraj to Varanasi and Meerut to Haridwar the get-go. DPR of phase 2 of Ganga Express Highway / Expressway is currently in pipeline. According to the reports, Phase 1 of Ganga expressway will be extended from Prayagraj up to Balia which will have a total length of  314 Kms & on the western UP, Highway will be extended from Tigri to Uttarakhand border which will have a length of around 110 Kms.

Length & Route of Ganga Express Highway / Expressway

Ganga Expressway will originate from village Bijoli in district Meerut and will terminate at Judapur Dandu village in district Prayagraj.It will pass through a total of 12 Districts in the state viz. Meerut, Hapur, Hardoi, Amroha, Sambhal, Bulandshahr, Shahjahanpur, Unnao, Rae Bareli, Pratapgarh and Prayagraj.The total length of the expressway will be around 594 km. After its successful completion it will become the longest expressway of Uttar Pradesh.

Timeline of Ganga Express Highway / Expressway

The Ganga Express Highway / Expressway project was launched in 2007 by Ex- Chief Minister Mayawati. The project aims to construct a 1,047 km access-controlled 8-lane wide expressway running along the Holy  Ganga river. The proposed expressway is also planned to serve as a flood control embankment since floods are a major cause of agricultural and environmental damage in the area, and lead to many deaths as well as the spread of diseases during India’s rainy season.

The work on Ganga Expressway was not started then because of an order passed from the Allahabad High Court. The order directed that the state and the concessionaire have to  complete a full environmental study and obtain permission from the concerned Government before starting the construction.

Key Features of Ganga Express Highway / Expressway 

  • The expressway will be of 6 lanes (expandable up to 8 lanes) and all the concrete structures will be constructed of 08 lane width.
  • Considering the future Expansion of the Expressway, Median width is adopted as 15 m. With the help of this, Additional 2 lanes in future can be easily constructed in the median portion.
  • The Right of Way (ROW) throughout the length of project will be 120 m.
  • Design Speed adopted for the design of the Expressway is 120 KmPH.
  • The expressway will be fully access controlled and designed for a closed toll system.
  • Direct high speed connectivity from NCR, region to Meerut and then onwards to Prayagraj.
  • It will provide construction of all-weathered high speed access controlled expressway. It will decongest the increasing traffic on existing roadway.
  • The expressway will lessen the travel time of people and goods significantly which will ultimately save fuel & time.
  • A 3.5 Km long air strip is also being constructed for assisting emergency take-off and landing of Indian Air Force planes in Expressway near Shahjahanpur.
  • On both side of the Expressway, Plantation of approximately 18,50,000 trees is planned.
  • An industrial corridor is also planned to be built along the Expressway.
  • In the Median portion, a system of underground utility is adopted in this project.
  • The Expressway will also provide a fillip to multiple sectors including agriculture, industrial development, tourism, trade, etc. It will give a big boost to the social and economic development of the region.

The Land Acquisition process for the Ganga Express Highway / Expressway project is almost completed. In total, around 7,800 Hectares of land is being identified and acquired for the project & the cost of which summed up to whopping 9,500 Crores.

Types of Structures Proposed Under the Ganga Expressway

Railway Over Bridge – 7 Nos

Major Bridge – 14 Nos

Minor Bridge – 126 Nos

Underpass – 381  Nos

Culverts – 929 Nos

Fly Overs – 28 Nos

Diamond Interchanges – 8 Nos

In Addition to above, Toll Plazas will be constructed on total 17 Locations ( 2 Main Toll Plaza & 15 Ramp type Toll Plaza)

In order to make Ganga Express Highway fully Access controlled, there is a provision to construct concrete boundary walls on both side of expressway. With help of this, unwanted access of animals, cattles etc can be avoided thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

Route Map of Ganga Express Highway / Expressway

Ganga Expressway Map
ganga expressway route map

Contractors & Construction Packages of Ganga Expressway

Phase 1 of Ganga Expressway Which is in total approx 594 Kms is divided into Primarily 3 Groups with each group consisting of 3 packages. So in total there are total 12 construction packages in the expressway project. The Construction model for this project is adopted as DBFOT Under PPP mode. Currently the Construction work has been started on the ground & the construction of Group 1 is carried out by IRB Infra Developers whereas construction of remaining Groups i.e. Group 1, 2 & 3 is being carried out by Adani Enterprises.

Packages Details in Ganga Express Highway Length (KM)
Pkg 1: From Village Bijoli (District Meerut) to Village Chandner (District Hapur) 48.871
Pkg 2: From Village Chandner (District Hapur) to Village Mirzapur Dugar (District Amroha) 30.000
Pkg 3: From Mirzapur Dugar (District Amroha) to Village Nagla Barah/Jarenda (District Budaun) 50.700
Pkg 4: From Village Nagla Barah/Jarenda (District Budaun) to Village Binawar (District Budaun) 52.100
Pkg 5: From Binawar (District Budaun) to Dari Gulau (District Shahjahanpur) 46.700
Pkg 6: From Village Dari Gulau (District Shahjahanpur) to Village-Ubariya Khurd (District Hardoi) 52.900
Pkg 7: From Village Ubariya Khurd (District Hardoi) to Village-Iksai (District Hardoi) 52.400
Pkg 8: From Village Iksai (District Hardoi) to Village Raiyamau (District Unnao) 50.200
Pkg 9: From Village Raiyamau (District Unnao) to Village Sarso (District Unnao) 53.100
Pkg 10: From Village Sarso (District Unnao) to Village Terukha (District Raebareli) 51.800
Pkg 11: From Village Terukha (District Raebareli) to Village Naudhiya (District Pratapgarh) 52.000
Pkg 12: From Village Naudhiya (District Pratapgarh) to Village-Judapur Dando (District Prayagraj) 53.047

Cost & Completion Schedule of Ganga Express Highway / Expressway

Over all construction cost of Ganga Express Highway / Expressway Project including the Land Acquisition cost is estimated to whopping 36,230 Crores. As per the current construction plan, the completion of Phase 1 of Ganga Express Highway/ Expressway Project is expected in Year 2025.

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