Ghazipur-Ballia Link Expressway and Buxar Spur Expressway Project Information and Updates

The proposed Ghazipur-Ballia Link Expressway and Buxar Spur Expressway is a fresh undertaking covering a distance of 116 kilometers, with the objective of establishing a connection among the cities of Ghazipur, Ballia, and Manjhi Ghat. Its primary purpose is to function as a crucial conduit linking Ballia and the Purvanchal Expressway.

Once the construction of the Ballia Link Expressway is completed, it will considerably reduce the time required to travel between Lucknow and Patna via the Purvanchal Expressway. The existing lengthy journey, which currently takes several hours, will be condensed to a mere four and a half hours.

Ghazipur-Ballia Link Expressway and Buxar Spur Expressway
Ghazipur-Ballia Link Expressway and Buxar Spur Expressway

Furthermore, the expressway will significantly enhance the accessibility to various cities in Bihar. With the completion of the Greenfield Highway, the travel time from Ballia to Buxar will be reduced to just thirty minutes, Ballia to Chhapra in one hour, and Ballia to Patna in one and a half hours. This improved connectivity will bring substantial benefits to eastern Uttar Pradesh, offering improved access to Chhapra, Patna, and Buxar in Bihar.

As an integral part of the comprehensive Ballia Link Expressway project, a 17-kilometer connecting road known as the Ghazipur-Buxar Spur will also be established. This connecting road will bridge the existing Purvanchal Expressway in Uttar Pradesh with Buxar in Bihar, further contributing to the enhanced connectivity between these two regions.

Feasibility report for this project can be found here.

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Salient Features of Project:

Ghazipur-Ballia-Manjhi Ghat
UP/Bihar Border Section Length
115.6 Kms
Length of Ghazipur Buxar Spur 17.8 Kms
Proposed Right of Way 60 Meters
Project Cost INR 2771.65 cr
Current Status of Project Land Acquisition
Owner/Agency National Highways Authority of India
Estimated Completion Deadline 2026
No. of Lanes 4 Lanes

Proposed Structures on the Expressway:

Major Bridges 3 Nos
Minor Bridges 16 Nos
Road over Bridges (RoB) 1 Nos
Culverts 90 Nos
Vehicular Underpasses 14 Nos
Level Crossings with Underpasses (LVUPs) 17 Nos

Required Materials for the Project:

Cement 426,186 cum
Coarse sand 437,370.9 cum
Aggregate 3,051,330 cum
Granular material/Moorum 70,598.4 cum
HYSD Steel 12,262 MT
Structural steel 1,155 MT
Bitumen 38,046 MT
Bitumen emulsion 927 MT
Borrow earth 10,790,949 cum
Strands 443 MT
Stone 118,967 cum

Additional Information:

  • Total water requirement for construction: 3,104,402 KL
  • Proposed fly ash usage: 3,823,705.5 cum from Obra and Anpara Thermal Power Stations for embankment construction during the construction phase, if available.

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Route Map of Ghazipur Ballia Link Expressway (Upto Manjhi Ghat UP Bihar Border) and Ghazipur Buxar Spur Expressway :

The Greenfield project highway begins at Km.0.000 near Hridaypur, Sarai Bandi on NH-29, which is the Ghazipur-Gorakhpur road, at Km 84.800 (NH-29 Chainage). It extends all the way to NH-19 in Bahoran Tola village, Bihar, on the Raghunathpur-Chappra Road. The total stretch of the project highway passes through the districts of Ghazipur, Ballia, and Saran. The majority of the terrain along the corridor is flat, characterized by plain topography. The land use in the area comprises a mix of residential and agricultural areas, which can be observed throughout the entire route.

Interactive Map of Ghazipur-Ballia Link Expressway and Buxar Spur Expressway

Tenders Package and Contractors

Updates regarding tenders and contractors for Ghazipur-Ballia Link Expressway and Buxar Spur Expressway will be provided as soon as the construction tender notices are invited.

Please note that the information regarding the package, chainage, and contractor value is currently unknown and will be updated when available.


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