Gorakhpur Bypass Project Information Route Map and Status

Development of Gorakhpur Bypass

The ambitious project titled “Development of 4/6 Lane North-East Side Gorakhpur Bypass,” under the aegis of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), is set to transform transportation infrastructure in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This endeavor, a part of the National Highways Development Project (NHDP) Phase-VII, entails the construction of a modern highway that circumvents the north-eastern side of Gorakhpur city. Here’s a comprehensive exploration of the project’s key features, objectives, impact, and more.

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Key Features of Project

  • Project Name: Development of 4/6 Lane North-East Side Gorakhpur Bypass
  • Agency: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Total Project Cost: INR 1936.49 Crores
  • Length: 26.61 Km
  • Current Status : Bids and Tenders for Civil Construction
  • Right of Way: 60m
  • Number of Villages Impacted: 26
  • Estimated Completion Deadline: 2026
  • Agency : National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

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Route Alignment of Upcoming Gorakhpur Bypass

The proposed greenfield highway will span approximately 26.616 kilometers, commencing at NH-29E near Village Maniram (chainage 83+308) and concluding at NH-28 near Village Koni / Jagdishpur (chainage 285+100). This highway will traverse through 26 revenue villages of Tehsil & District Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The project’s main objective is to alleviate the burgeoning traffic congestion within Gorakhpur city. By doing so, it aims to serve as a vital conduit for economic growth, employment opportunities, tourism development, road safety enhancement, and improved transportation and facilities for travelers. Furthermore, the upgraded road quality is expected to lower vehicle operating costs and reduce travel time, thereby contributing to both state and national development.

Gorakhpur Bypass Project Route Alignment Map
North-East Side Gorakhpur Bypass Project Route Alignment Map

Interactive Map of Gorakhpur Bypass 

Socio-Economic Impact

The proposed bypass project holds the potential to generate far-reaching socio-economic benefits for the region. By effectively decongesting traffic within Gorakhpur, the project will contribute to a reduction in carbon footprint and fuel consumption. The plantation efforts accompanying the project will not only enhance the local micro-climate but also foster better connectivity. This improved accessibility will empower local residents to access vital socio-economic services, including healthcare, education, administrative facilities, and trade centers, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life.

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Proposed Structures on Upcoming Gorakhpur Bypass Project:

The project encompasses various critical components, including the construction of structures to ensure smooth traffic flow:

Structure Quantity
ROBs 01
Major Bridges 01
Minor Bridges 06
LVUPs 07
Flyovers 05
Trumpet Interchange 01
Culverts 49

Material Requirements and Sourcing

The project’s material requirements and their estimated quantities, likely sources, and transportation modes are meticulously planned. Key materials include fly ash, aggregate, sand, cement, bitumen, emulsion, stone, steel (bars), HT strands, structural steel, excavation material, and earthwork with soil. These materials will be sourced from authorized vendors, operational licensed borrow areas, and quarries situated within the project’s vicinity.

Material Estimated Quantity Likely Source
Fly Ash 35,96,762.93 Cum Tanda Thermal Power Station
Aggregate 8,89,138.55 Cum Licensed borrow areas and quarries
Sand 55,791.13 Cum Licensed borrow areas and quarries
Cement 66,943.15 MT Authorized Vendor
Bitumen 10,001.52 MT Authorized Vendor
Emulsion 991.54 MT Authorized Vendor
Stone 44,425.00 Cum Licensed borrow areas and quarries
Steel (Bars) 10,100.29 MT Authorized Vendor
HT Strands 223.81 MT Authorized Vendor
Structural Steel 5,03,178.73 MT Authorized Vendor
Excavation 2,62,240.31 Cum Licensed borrow areas and quarries
Earthwork with Soil 23,894.62 Cum Licensed borrow areas and quarries

Connectivity and Transport

The bypass project is strategically positioned to enhance connectivity within the region. It links NH-29E (Gorakhpur-Sunauli/Nepal Border Road) to NH-28 (Gorakhpur-Kushinagar Road). Additionally, the project enjoys proximity to essential transportation hubs such as the Maniram railway station (1.5 km) and Gorakhpur Airport (8.5 km).

Manpower and Local Employment

During the project’s construction phase, around 600 individuals will be employed temporarily over a span of 2.5 years. Upon its operationalization, the highway will require around 50 individuals for roles such as highway patrolling, highway management, maintenance activities, and more. Local employment will be prioritized, aligning with the project’s commitment to fostering economic development and employment generation in the area.

Land Requirement & List of Villages to be Crossed by Gorakhpur Bypass:

The project requires about 164.8 Hectares of Land acquisition. Following villages under Gorakhpur District will be passed by the upcoming North East Side Gorakhpur Bypass Project:

1 Taljahda
2 Maniram
3 Rahmat Nagar
4 Balapar
5 Baijnathpur
6 Narayanpur Doyam
7 Bangai
8 Saraigulhariya
9 Parsiya
10 Rasoolpur Khutan
11 Sonraich
12 Budhadeeh
13 Bankaty urf Itahiya
14 Belwaraipur
15 Jungal Aawrahi
16 Jungal Ahmed Ali Shah urf Tura
17 Mahmoodabad urf Mugalpur
18 Bankatiya Khurd
19 Maulakhor
20 Kaithawlia(Tappa)
21 Karmaha
22 Naiyapar Khurd
23 Ramwapur
24 Mathiya
25 Shihoria
26 Koni

Environmental Considerations and Conservation

The project’s environmental impact is managed through a comprehensive approach. While around 1137 trees need to be cut down to facilitate construction, compensatory and roadside plantations will contribute to improving the ambient air quality and visual aesthetics of the region.

Current Status:

As in March 2023, Following 5 Construction firms have submitted their bids for 26.6 km Gorakhpur North-East Bypass’ Project’s civil construction contract after National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) opened the technical bids.

  • Ceigall India Ltd.
  • Gawar Construction Ltd.
  • PNC Infratech Ltd.
  • Ravi Infrabuild Projects Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vijai Construction (India) Pvt. Ltd.


The “Development of 4/6 Lane North-East Side Gorakhpur Bypass” project encapsulates more than just the creation of a modern roadway. It embodies a vision of enhanced connectivity, economic prosperity, and improved quality of life for the local populace. By addressing traffic congestion, reducing travel time, and fostering employment opportunities, the project stands to become a catalyst for holistic development in Uttar Pradesh. As the region evolves, this bypass will serve as a symbol of progress, directly linking communities and forging a brighter future.

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