114 Km Hassan to Hiriyur Greenfield Highway Project

Introduction to Hassan to Hiriyur Greenfield Highway:

India’s journey towards progress has always been intertwined with its infrastructure development. The Bharatmala Pariyojana, a visionary initiative, is a testament to this commitment. In this context, the proposed Greenfield alignment Hassan to Hiriyur Greenfield Highway, Part of the economic corridor no. 20 presents a transformative step to enhance the efficiency of freight movement. This proposal, focused on Lot 5/Pkg 4, represents a vital segment of the grand Bharatmala Pariyojana, with the aim of creating an economic corridor that not only connects regions but catalyzes growth.

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Overview and Salient Features of the Project:

  • Project Name: Construction of Four-Lane Greenfield Highway from Heggadihalli to Hulugalakunte
  • Total Length: 114.139 km
  • Implementing Agency: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Alignment: Heggadihalli (Hassan District) to Hulugalakunte (Chitradurga District)
  • Road Type: Four-lane access control Greenfield highway
  • Estimated Project Cost: Approximately INR 4801 Crores (including land acquisition)
  • Current Status: Environmental Clearance Stage

Proposed Route Alignment of Hassan to Hiriyur Greenfield Highway:

The journey of the Hassan to Hiriyur Greenfield Highway Project begins at Heggadihalli (12°59’17.50″N, 76°11’57.74″E) in Hassan district and extends to Hulugalakunte (13°53’51.36″N, 76°35’57.79″E) in Chitradurga District. Covering a distance of 114.139 km, the alignment offers a direct, almost straight route connecting two regions, and by extension, boosting connectivity between Hassan and Hiriyur.

Interactive Map of Upcoming Hassan to Hiriyur Greenfield Highway Project

Proposed Structures on the Expressway:

The development of this economic corridor calls for the integration of various structures to optimize traffic flow, safety, and convenience:

  • Cloverleaf/Flyover/Vehicular Underpass: Depending on traffic volume and the nature of side roads, these structures will ensure seamless junctions and intersections.
  • Bus Bays: Strategically placed bus bays at village locations will enhance passenger convenience and streamline public transportation.
  • Truck Laybys and Rest Areas: These designated spaces on both sides of the road will cater to the needs of truck drivers, contributing to safer and more efficient long-haul journeys.
  • Toll Plazas: To manage the cost of infrastructure development, two toll plazas will be positioned at different locations.
  • Beautification of Median: Landscaping with shrubs and greenery along the median will not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the highway.
  • Culverts and Bridges: These essential components ensure smooth passage over water bodies and nala crossings, enhancing the structural integrity of the highway.
  • Safety Measures: The project is committed to adhering to NHAI Safety Manual, IRC: SP 88, and MoRTH guidelines to provide a safe travel experience for all road users.

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Approximate Quaitities of Materials Required for the Project:

Material Quantity
Earth 5,135 MT
Fine Aggregate 654 MT
Coarse Aggregate 1,867 MT
Water 4,668 KLD
Bitumen 18,673 MT
Cement 1,204 MT
Sand 933,668 MT
Structural Steel 32,678 MT
Emulsion 1,401 MT

Environmental Considerations:

The project aligns with responsible environmental practices and mitigation strategies:

  • The alignment avoids wild life sanctuaries and eco-sensitive areas.
  • The proposed crust of the highway takes into account granular sub base, wet mix macadam, dense bituminous macadam, and bitumen concrete for optimal construction.
  • According to reports, around 31,860 No of trees are to be cut down for the construction of the project. Efforts to minimize tree loss include restricting tree cutting and undertaking avenue plantation as per IRC SP21:2009.
  • The project anticipates a water demand of approximately 5000 KLD during the construction phase.

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Socio-Economic Impact:

  • The alignment passes through agricultural and barren lands, minimizing the impact on habitation.
  • With only a limited number of affected villages, Rehabilitation & Resettlement efforts are expected to be minimal.
  • Compensation for affected landholders will be in accordance with the NHAI Act 1956.
  • The right of way (RoW) for the Greenfield alignment is set at 45m, balancing land acquisition needs with development goals.

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The Hassan to Hiriyur Greenfield Highway Project stands as a testament to India’s commitment to infrastructural advancement. By connecting regions, enhancing freight movement, and optimizing connectivity, this project embodies the spirit of the Bharatmala Pariyojana. With careful consideration of environmental impact, socio-economic implications, and safety measures, this economic corridor paints a picture of a progressive and prosperous India. As we move towards the realization of this project, it marks another milestone in the country’s journey towards a more connected and efficient transportation network.

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