How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?

How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?

You may have heard about the advantages of solar energy (saving money and the environment, what’s not to love?, but when your solar panels are installed, there are certain practical considerations that must be made.

How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?
How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?

Pigeons will seek protection from predators and the outdoors, just like any other animal. Unfortunately, pigeons will frequently construct nests and raise their offspring inside of man-made structures, and solar panels can provide the ideal location. Urban birds now have a new place to live, thanks to the tremendous increase in solar panel installations in the UK.

Pigeons and other pests might harm your panels in the long run, which is inconvenient for you as well. Due to their high acidity, pigeon droppings can lead to corrosion and structural harm. Pigeon-proofing your solar panels before the issue develops is best practise.

Pests in panels can interrupt the operation of your solar panels and create a huge mess if they are not addressed. A helpful guide on pest control and the price to pigeon proof your solar panels has been prepared by us so they continue to work properly for years to come.

Before paying for pest treatment, there are steps you can take to pigeon-proof your solar panels and stop nesting:

Maintain a neat and tidy yard- Make sure there isn’t any litter lying around, such as twigs or leaves, that pigeons might use as nesting materials.

Secure your trash cans- Additionally, foxes won’t be able to enter your garden as a result of this, and birds will be more likely to leave if there is nothing to eat.

Remove any leftover pet food from the exterior- Unwanted guests will be drawn to your garden by the smell of food, and birds and other pests can easily find food there.

Consider acquiring deterrent technologies- Think of lightweight decoys that resemble real birds of prey to drive pigeons away from your solar panels. Just remember to rotate them every few months. More information is provided below.

Preventing pigeons from landing on your solar panels

Pigeons will probably start building nests in your solar panels before you even realise it. It’s better to attempt to stop the scratching and chirping before it starts because it can disrupt sleep and make you quite irritated.

One of the best ways to pigeon-proof your solar panels is to instal bird netting. The steel mesh extends around the full perimeter and clips directly to the panels with the goal of isolating the space beneath your panels.

Bird mesh is a lovely and low-impact solution that won’t harm your roof or interfere with the operation of your solar panels.

Installing anti-roosting spikes is an additional choice. Most garden centres and DIY stores carry these deterrents. Any location on a solar panel where a bird might desire to nest or sit can have spikes attached to it. Pigeon proofing solar panels can be done affordably by using anti-roosting spikes.

You shouldn’t have to worry about pigeons being a persistent problem with your solar panels if you decide to instal the pigeon proofing deterrents yourself or hire a professional because the majority of solutions are permanent or extremely long-term fixes.

It should be noted that pigeon and pest deterrents are only meant to prevent animals from landing or breeding on the solar panels.

Pigeons on your solar panels: How to get rid of them?

The best way to safeguard solar panels is via preventative maintenance, but occasionally tenacious pests can manage to get inside and inflict serious harm.

How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?
How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?

If you do discover that pigeons have gained access, you may either try to get rid of them on your own or call a pest management company that specialises in removing birds from solar panels.

The majority of pigeon proofing services consist of:

a. The elimination of any pigeon nests or bodies from the region

b. Solar panels and the rest of the roof should be cleaned

c. Using a biocide or chemical solution to eliminate bird mites can also eliminate any leftover bird droppings from the panels.

d. Installing steel mesh or anti-roosting spikes can help dissuade potential occupants.

According to animal welfare rules, many private firms will remove any pigeons you have nesting in your solar panels. However, it’s crucial to ask a prospective team how they intend to pigeon proof your solar panels in order to avoid further nesting before hiring them.

It’s important to select a business that belongs to the British Pest Control Association; seek for the BPCA badge.

How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?

Your solar panels’ pigeon-proofing cost will vary depending on a variety of variables. Ladder access to your solar panels will be substantially less expensive than if a professional needs to utilise scaffolding. The size and quantity of panels you instal will affect expenses as well.

Before hiring a professional service, you have the option of sending pictures of your house and the location of your solar panels. This will make it easier for the business to determine how much it will cost to pigeon-proof your solar panels, and you won’t be shocked when you get the invoice!

The price will also vary according to the extent of the pigeons’ damage. Pigeons and other pests can damage your roof tiles or disconnect cables by nesting on them or by resting on them. This will push up the price because your estimate will need to account for fixing the damage.

Depending on the service you require, costs to pigeon proof your solar panels might start at roughly £300. Spikes or decoys may lower this cost, however services for effective prevention can cost up to £700.

Reputable pigeon proofing services should include thorough solar panel cleaning as part of their service to ensure that the region is shielded from pigeons and other pests for many years to come. Before agreeing to a service, make sure this is covered in your quote.

Maintaining your solar panels

Solar panels are an investment that should endure for many years, so it’s important to keep them well-maintained to avoid incurring additional fees down the road.

How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?
How much does it cost to pigeon proofing solar panels?

It is crucial to maintain systems and panels. Your panels will be considerably less prone to bird nests and droppings if you clean them and make sure they are free of trash. To ensure long-term functionality and lower the expense of pigeon proofing solar panels, keep an eye out for any cracks or damage and make sure to get them frequently maintained.

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