Hyderabad Regional Ring Road Project Details including Route Alignment, Land Acquisition Details etc

Hyderabad city is the capital of newly formed state Telangana. The city is historically famous for its food, culture, heritage, pharma industry and IT Hub. But now something big is coming for the city which will definitely be a game changer & will aid Hyderabad in expansion, development & getting organized.

During the period of 2008 to 2016, construction of Hyderabad Outer Ring Road took place which was opened section-wise for the public. This Outer Ring Road (ORR) has been constructed on the immediate periphery of Hyderabad city. In addition to this, Now considering the furure expansion & growth of IT Industry, pharma industry, others etc, Telangana State government has decided to constructed Hyderabad Reginoal Ring Road (RRR).

Hyderabad Regional Ring Road
Hyderabad Regional Ring Road

Hyderabad Regional Ring Road Timeline

After going deep, it is found that the Hyderabad Regional Ring Road RRR Project was first heard in year 2013 when it was discussed to introduce it in the city’s masterplan. But Telangana government officially announced the project in year 2017. After announcement of the project, the state delegations sought fundings & approval of RRR project from the centre.

In Year 2018, Ministry of Roads Transport & Highways sanctioned an amount of INR 5,500 Crores for this project. In Year 2019, the centre got concerned about the financial viability of the Hyderabad Regional Ring Road Project & proposed to prepare a fresh Detailed Project Report.

Finally in Feb 2021, the centre approved RRR project & now the same is going to be constructed under one of the biggest and ambitious programme of India i.e. Bharatmala Pariyojana (Phase -I). One important information regarding this project is that the Telangana State Government has to bear 50% cost of land acquisition for the project.

Will Hyderabad overtake Bangalore with infrastructure like Regional Ring Road?

Friends, currently Bangalore city is considered as the silicon valley or capital of Information and technology in India. But according to some reports, if Bengaluru fails fo find the fast solution to the problems which it is currently facing due to heavy traffic congestion, it is quite possible that sooner or later Hyderabad might overtake Bangalore in terms of infrastructure services which will attract new industries & IT giants. This will ultimately shift the crown title & status of “silicon valley” from Bangalore to Hyderabad.

During the past few years, Hyderabad was also facing similar traffic congestion problems like Bengaluru. In which the traffic from National Highways & State Highways were moving and passing through inner portion of the city & to deal with this problem of traffic congestion Hyderbad was found much more active when compared to Bangalore as the Outer Ring Road was constructed successfully when needed the most.

The Hyderabad Outer Ring Road acted as a solution to the traffic congestion problem in the city. On the other hand, Bangalore was found much behind on solving the heavy traffic issue. The prime example of which are the B’lor Peripheral Ring Road project & Satellite Town Ring Road projects for which the people of Bangalore are still waiting for more than 20 Years.

Telangana government took right steps for Hyderabad at right time & has worked on that one important thing which is believed to give a strong push to the economy & growth and that is high quality infrastructure system. And now once again, new infrastructure project is proposed at the right time which is Hyderabad Regional Ring Road.

Salient Features & Cost of Hyderabad Regional Ring Road Project

If we now look at the details of upcoming Hyderabad RRR project, the overall length of this Ring Road will be approximately 344 Kms. The Right of way or ROW of the highway throught the length will be of 100 m.  Initially RRR will be constructed as a 4 lane highway with 2 lanes on each side. Considering the future growth, there is a provision of extension upto 8 lanes on this highway. The RRR has been designed in such a way that vehicles can move with upto 120 Kms per hour on this highway.

Overall cost of Hyderabad Regional Ring Road will be approx. 17,000 crores as per the reports. After successful construction of RRR project, the connectivity of National Highways and State Highways with the outer part of Hyderabad will be better allowing vehicles to reach to their destinations without entering the city.

Throughout its stretch, RRR will cross 4 National Highways & 2 State Highways on 10 different locations. Radially, the distance between Outer ring road & upcoming Regional Ring Road will be 30 to 40 Kms.

Details of Hyderabad Ring Road RRR Project ( Route Alignment, Village List, Land Acquisition)

For the development of this proejct, RRR is divided into 2 parts viz. North RRR & South RRR.

North RRR (North Section of Hyderabad Regional Ring Road)

The length of North Regional Ring Road will be approx 158 Kms. The highway alignment in North RRR will cross overall 4 districts namely Sangareddy, Medak, Siddipet, Yadadri Bhuvangiri. In Sangareddy district, it will cross 3 mandals namely Sangareddy, Choutkur & Hathnoora. In Medak District, RRR will cross 3 mandals namely Narsapur, Shivampet, & Thupran. In Siddipet District, it will cross 4 mandals namely Gajwel, Wargal, Markook & Jagdevpur. In Yadadri Bhuvangiri, it will cross 5 mandals i.e. Turkapally, Yadadri,  Bhuvangiri, Valigonda & Choutuppal.

Hyderabad Regional Ring Road

The land to be acquired for the construction of North RRR will be 4,600 acres (1861 Hectare). Overall cost of construction work including the land acquisition work for North RRR is estimated to around INR 9,500 Crores.

One more important information about North RRR is that the National Highways Authority of India i.e. NHAI has assigned North RRR i.e from Sangareddy, Turpan, Choutuppal section as a National Highway with label as NH-161 AA.

There are total of 11 interchanges proposed in North RRR. For construction each interchange, approx 75 acres of land will be acquired on the designated locations.

South RRR (South Section of Hyderabad Regional Ring Road)

The route alignment of south RRR starts from Choutuppal and passing through Mall, Amangal, Shadnagar, Chevella, Shankarapally, it will reach Sangareddy. Overall length of Southern RRR will be approx 186 Kms.

Hyderabad Regional Ring Road

The overall construction cost including the land acquisition cost for South RRR will be approx INR 6,480 Crores as per the estimates.

As compared to North RRR section, South RRR section is having less vehicular movement hence central government is re examining the traffic movement on the southern part of RRR (south RRR)

More details of the South RRR can be fetched only after the completion of the Detailed Project Report Preparation work.

Current Status of Hyderabad Regional Ring Road Project

According to reports, Detailed Project Report of North RRR has already been prepared & Land Acquisition work is currently under progress.

It is known that the state govt has to bear half of the land acquisition cost for RRR project & estimates for North RRR proposes the construction cost including LA work ad 9,500 Crores & Since Telangana government has allotted just 750 crores for the RRR project in its Budget for financial year 2021-22, a delay in the execution of land acquisition for the RRR project is expected.

If we assume the construction speed for this project matches with that of Hyderabad Outer Ring Ring Road project, we can certaily say that RRR project will take somewhere around 6 to 7 years to be fully constructed & become operational. In short we can expect the completion of Hyderabad Ring Road Project by year 2028.

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