Jabalpur Ring Road Project Information Route Map and Status

Development of 4 Lane Jabalpur Ring Road:

The city of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh is on the brink of a transformative change with the proposed “Development of 4 Lane Ring Road for Jabalpur.” Spearheading this ambitious project is a commitment to enhance connectivity, streamline traffic flow, and uplift the region’s overall infrastructure. Let’s delve into the details of this crucial initiative that promises to reshape the city’s landscape and foster socio-economic progress.

Key Features of Jabalpur Ring Road Project

  • Project Name: Development of 4 Lane Ring Road for Jabalpur (Greenfield Project)
  • Total Project Length: Approximately 89.442 km
  • Project Cost: Rs. 3016.40 Crores
  • Start Location: Village Manegaon, Design Ch. 19+100
  • End Location: Barela village, Design Ch. 108+542
  • Land Acquisition: Approximately 572.242 ha., including 30.5736 ha. of forest land
  • Right of Way (RoW): 60 m
  • Current Status: Bids and Tenders (Civil Construction)
  • Agency: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

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Design Standards: Constructed to IRC: SP: 84 -2019 and other relevant IRC specifications on design manual

Safety Measures: Aligned with IRC: SP:55 and prevailing circulars/notifications of the Government of India/NHAI

Land Use and Environmental Impact

The proposed greenfield project navigates the city’s landscape with careful consideration of the existing land use pattern. Predominantly, the land within 10 km on either side of the project road is dedicated to agriculture, with habitation, waste land, water bodies, and forest land interspersed. Importantly, the alignment is designed to avoid wild life sanctuaries, protected areas, and their eco-sensitive zones.

Total land requirement for Jabalpur Ring Road Project will be approx. 572.242 ha.

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Route Alignment of Jabalpur Ring Road

Stretching from village Manegaon to Barela village, the alignment seamlessly connects major settlements, including Manegaon, Tikhari, Imliya, Nunsar, Thelagwan, Richhai, and others. This connectivity is set to transform these areas, stimulating economic growth, fostering community integration, and enabling better access to essential services.

Jabalpur Ring Road Project
Jabalpur Ring Road Project

Interactive Map of Upcoming Jabalpur Ring Road Project

Proposed Structures on Jabalpur Ring Road Project : 

ROB (Road Over Bridge) 01 Nos
Major Bridges 04 Nos
Minor Bridges 46 Nos
Vehicular Underpasses 02 Nos
LVUPs (Limited Vertical Underpasses) 13 Nos
Flyovers 05 Nos
Culverts 180 Nos

Environmental Considerations

The project is designed to minimize its impact on the environment. Approximately 5000 trees are likely to be affected due to the 60 m RoW, with efforts to minimize tree loss and undertake avenue plantation. The alignment also interacts with various water bodies, including ponds, canals, drains/nalas, and rivers, necessitating thoughtful construction methods to preserve these natural resources.

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Raw Material Requirements for Upcoming Jabalpur Ring Road 

To construct this remarkable project, a substantial amount of materials are required. The estimated quantities include:

Material Quantity
Cement 109,000 Tons
Sand 121,700 Cubic Meters
Steel 27,800 Metric Tons
Bitumen 311,350 Tons
Fly Ash 737,500 Cubic Meters
Aggregate 3,599,300 Cubic Meters
Stone Boulder 728,900 Metric Tons
Soil 40,963,500 Metric Tons

Capital Cost and Sustainability

The estimated capital cost of the project stands at approximately Rs. 3016.40 Crores. Sustainability is a key consideration, with the utilization of fly ash from nearby thermal power stations as per MoEF&CC’s Fly Ash Notification and MoRTH guidelines. Additionally, water extraction, totaling around 8000 KLD, will be executed while complying with necessary permissions from competent authorities.

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Village List Under Jabalpur Ring Road Project

No. Village Name Tehsil
1 Manegaon Jabalpur
2 Ghutiya Jabalpur
3 Tikhari Jabalpur
4 Rampur Naktiya Jabalpur
5 Aitha Kheda Jabalpur
6 Nanhakheda Jabalpur
7 Lalpur Shahpura
8 Shahpura Shahpura
9 Dudwara Shahpura
10 Imaliya Shahpura
11 Khulri Shahpura
12 Khairi Shahpura
13 Gwari Shahpura
14 Bilha Shahpura
15 Bhita Shahpura
16 Bilkharwa Shahpura
17 Hirapur Banda Shahpura
18 Dagdagouwa Jabalpur
19 Richhai Jabalpur
20 Kushner Panagar
21 Mohaniya Panagar
22 Garda Panagar
23 Nuniya Kalan Panagar
24 Mohlajhir Panagar
25 Khiriya Panagar
26 Kohani Panagar
27 Salaiya Panagar
28 Bhidari Kalan Panagar
29 Dhurauwa (Ghurauwa) Panagar
30 Tunku Mohaniya Panagar
31 Gangajali Panagar
32 Baghodi Panagar
33 Jhagra Panagar
34 Jhagri Panagar
35 Belkhadu Panagar
36 Kariwah Panagar
37 Singod Panagar
38 Jarond Patan
39 Nunsar Patan
40 Sigantalai Patan
41 Khajwahi Patan
42 Sahsan Patan
43 Simariya Patan
44 Karari Patan
45 Imaliya Patan
46 Dighora Shahpura
47 Tilbara Shahpura
48 Saraswahi Panagar
49 Dundi Panagar
50 Sunderpur Panagar
51 Tilgawan Panagar
52 Sakri Panagar
53 Chhatarpur Panagar
54 Poniya Panagar
55 Imlai Panagar
56 Mehgawan Panagar
57 Kivlari Panagar
58 Pipariya Panagar
59 Amjhar Kundam
60 Kiwlari Kundam
61 Indra Jabalpur
62 Partala Jabalpur
63 Bairagi Kundam
64 Mahagawan Kundam
65 Junwani Jabalpur
66 Paraswara Jabalpur
67 Pipariya Jabalpur
68 Barela Jabalpur


The “Development of 4 Lane Ring Road for Jabalpur” project represents a significant leap towards enhancing the city’s infrastructure, connectivity, and economic growth. By thoughtfully navigating settlements, preserving the environment, and adhering to strict standards, this project exemplifies progress with sustainability at its core. The ring road holds the promise of alleviating traffic congestion, fostering community cohesion, and spurring economic development, all while minimizing its impact on the environment. As the project unfolds, it stands as a testament to the power of strategic planning and a commitment to shaping a brighter future for Jabalpur and its residents.

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