Jaipur Spur Expressway from Delhi Vadodara Expressway (Part of Delhi Mumbai Expressway)

Unleashing Connectivity and Growth: The Delhi-Vadodara to Jaipur Greenfield Spur


In the realm of infrastructural progress, the proposed Delhi-Vadodara to Jaipur Greenfield Spur stands as a beacon of connectivity and development. This ambitious project, nestled within the Bharatmala Pariyojana Phase-I, envisions a transformative 6-lane greenfield expressway that will link the bustling Delhi-Vadodara Expressway to the vibrant Jaipur Ring Road. In this article, we delve into the intricate details of this monumental endeavor, exploring its scope, design, impact, and significance.

Locally this expressway is also known as Jaipur Dausa Expressway

Project Overview

  • Project Name: Delhi-Vadodara to Jaipur Greenfield Spur expressway
  • Total Length: 67 km
  • Proposed ROW: 60 meters
  • Project Cost: INR 1370 Crores
  • Land Acquisition Required: 475 hectares
  • Current Status: Under Construction
  • Estimated Completion Deadline: 2025
  • Agency: National Highways Authority of India

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Route Map of Jaipur Spur Expressway from Delhi Vadodara Expressway

The journey of the Delhi-Vadodara to Jaipur Greenfield Spur commences at the Delhi-Vadodara Expressway near “Shyamsinghpura” and culminates at the junction with Jaipur Ring Road and NH-21 near “Bagrana.” The coordinates of these pivotal points are as follows:

  • Starting Point (Latitude): 26°58’50.03″N, Longitude: 76°32’0.23″E
  • Terminating Point (Latitude): 26°52’41.35″N, Longitude: 75°55’39.19″E

The proposed right-of-way (ROW) for this section spans 60 meters, accommodating various configurations. This greenfield alignment aims to provide a new route to divert long-distance traffic, alleviating congestion on the existing NH-48 (Delhi-Jaipur Highway), thereby enhancing the efficiency of freight movement across the country.

Interactive Map of Jaipur Spur Expressway from Delhi Vadodara Expressway

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Design and Structures Proposed on Jaipur Spur Expressway from Delhi Vadodara Expressway

The proposed Delhi-Vadodara to Jaipur Greenfield Spur is designed as a flexible pavement, conforming to the IRC: 37:2018 standard. The design speed on this upcoming expressway is set to be 100 Km per Hours. It predominantly traverses through plains, offering a smooth travel experience. Several structures have been envisaged to ensure seamless connectivity, including:

Structure Type Quantity
Major Bridges 2 Nos
Minor Bridges 3 Nos
Minor Bridge cum Underpass 8 Nos
Vehicular Underpasses 10 Nos
Small Vehicular Underpasses 17 Nos
Fly-Overs at Interchanges 3 Nos
Flyovers 3 Nos
Road Over Bridge (ROB) 1 Nos
Culverts 135 Nos

The project also entails the establishment of 2 toll plazas on the main carriageway and 3 toll plazas on loops/ramps of the trumpet interchange.

Massive Material Requirements for the Project :

Material Quantity
Coarse Aggregates 141,492 CUM
Fine Aggregates 52,055 CUM
Bitumen 30,679 Tonnes
Cement 1,329 MT
Steel 18,938 Tonnes
Bituminous Emulsion 1,853 Tonnes

During the course of construction of this mega project, around 7277 no of trees are to be cut down. However there is a provision of compensatory plantation of around 38478 No of trees to lower the environmental risks.

Enhancing Connectivity and Socio-Economic Growth

The Delhi-Vadodara to Jaipur Greenfield Spur serves as a catalyst for connectivity and socio-economic progress. The strategic alignment intersects significant roads, creating a web of efficient transportation. The benefits are manifold:

  • Traffic Congestion Alleviation: By diverting traffic from NH-48, the project minimizes congestion and delays, ensuring a smoother journey.
  • Economic Upliftment: Enhanced connectivity stimulates local economies and attracts investments, bolstering growth in nearby towns and villages.
  • Tourism Facilitation: The project benefits Jaipur, a major tourist hub, by providing hassle-free travel and boosting tourist activity.
  • Socio-Economic Impetus: The improved road contributes to socio-economic development, reducing vehicle operating costs and travel time.

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Environmental Responsibility and Multiplier Effect

The Delhi-Vadodara to Jaipur Greenfield Spur aligns with environmental consciousness. By integrating a greenfield alignment, protected areas like bird sanctuaries remain untouched. Additionally, the project generates direct, indirect, and induced employment opportunities, amplifying its positive impact on the economy.

Tenders and Contractors

In March 2022, GR Infra projects Ltd. emerged as the lowest bidder for the construction & operation of this upcoming 67 km Bandikui – Jaipur spur of the 1350 km Delhi  Mumbai Expressway (DME) project.

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) for this 6 lane access-controlled spur’s was prepared by SA Infrastructure Consultants

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The Delhi-Vadodara to Jaipur Greenfield Spur emerges as a transformative feat of infrastructure, bridging regions, fostering economic prosperity, and enhancing connectivity. As this project redefines the journey between major cities, it also paves the way for holistic development, minimizing traffic woes, and enriching the socio-economic fabric. This venture underscores the commitment to progress, environmental preservation, and a brighter future for Rajasthan and beyond.

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