Jalna Nanded Expressway Project Information and Staus

Jalna Nanded Expressway: Enhancing Connectivity in Central Maharashtra

The Jalna Nanded Expressway, a proposed project by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited (MSRDC), aims to create a 6-lane access-controlled highway in central Maharashtra, India. This greenfield expressway will span a distance of 179.85 kilometers, connecting the cities of Jalna and Nanded.

Project Details

Estimated Project Cost  Rs. 14,500 crore
Project Length 179.85 kilometers
Lanes 6 (3+3)
Lane Width 3.75 meters
Right of Way (RoW) 100 meters
Design Speed 120 km/h
Space for High-Speed Rail Corridor 20.00 meters
Current Status Land Acquisition Underway, RfQ stage for civil construction
Land Acquisition Required 2,200 hectares
Expected Completion Deadline October 2027
Owner/Agency Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited (MSRDC)
Project Model Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Benefits and Connectivity

The Jalna-Nanded Expressway will not only enhance connectivity between Jalna and Nanded but also provide a crucial link to the under-construction 701-kilometer Samruddhi Mahamarg (Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway). Once completed, the expressway is expected to reduce the travel time between Nanded and Mumbai from 10 hours to 6 hours, offering a faster and more efficient transportation route.

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Route Map and Current Status

An official PDF route map of the project will be made available in the future, providing a detailed overview of the expressway’s alignment. As of the current status, the land acquisition process for the project commenced in December 2021. By February 2022, joint measurement surveys (JMS) had been completed for 77% of the required land in 67 out of the 87 villages along the proposed route. Tenders for construction have not yet been invited.

Jalna Nanded Expressway
Jalna Nanded Expressway

Tenders and Contractors

MSRDC invited Request for Qualification (RfQ) applications for the civil construction of the expressway in April 2023. The RfQ document includes several civil packages for different sections of the expressway. Here is a list of the packages and their respective chainages:

  • Pkg-1 (36.09 km): Chainage 0.000 to 36.09
  • Pkg-2 (30.46 km): Chainage 36.09 to 66.55
  • Pkg-3 (32.44 km): Chainage 66.55 to 98.99
  • Pkg-4 (28.85 km): Chainage 98.99 to 127.84
  • Pkg-5 (32.19 km): Chainage 127.84 to 160.03
  • Pkg-6 (19.82+4.48 km): Chainage 160.03 to 179.85 (package includes road from Hingole Gate to Chatrapai Chowk)

Tender notices for these packages are yet to be published.

Stay updated with the progress of the Jalna-Nanded Expressway as it aims to enhance connectivity, reduce travel time, and improve transportation infrastructure in central Maharashtra.

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