How Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project will Save USD 20 Billion of India!! 2 Million Acre Plan of Telengana!!

Issues that India is currently facing & a ray of hope

In 2021, Last year itself, India exported goods worth a record $660 billion. This was India’s highest export till date If you compare it with the stats of 2020 where we exported goods worth $499 billion. That is, a jump of more than 100 billion dollars was shown, it was a big success for India. But along with this we also made a record in imports. India’s imports touched $725 billion in 2021 and In the same 2020, we imported $ 509 billion.

Where we saw a jump of $150 billion in exports in comparison to 2020, it was worth more than $ 200 billion in the same import. If I explain this straight, we’ve lost up to $65 billion which is our loss. In this loss, we spend the most money on crude oil import. We understand this thing, that we do not have crude oil. But the second item is electronic goods, and in this our import has increased from China.

Our imports from China are increasing. Whenever we do business with China, we have to bear a lot of losses.
Our failure is visible on this thing. But we import one such thing, for which we spend an amount of 18 to 20 billion dollars every year. On which people do not pay much attention and this thing is vegetable oil.

But the government of Telangana is going to do something that will save India 20 billion dollars every year. 20 billion dollars is not a small amount. This is a huge amount which we spend every year in importing vegetable oil. And all this will be possible with the help of the Kaleshwaram lift Irrigation Project.

Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project
A glimpse of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project

In this article, I am going to tell you what will be the benefits of the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project, Which is the world’s largest lift irrigation project. How will this transform the economy of Telangana? In this article, my focus will be on the benefits of this project.

But before that, you should have basic knowledge about this project.

Brief about Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project, How it will save USD 20 Bn

Telangana is a state which was once a part of Andhra Pradesh. Two important rivers flow here, the first one is Godavari and the second one is the Pranhita. Now the problem was that this river flows towards the north border, and in Telangana, more cultivation is done in the south.

So the people of Telangana were not able to take advantage of this river. Neither for the drinking purpose nor for the purpose of any other industry. So the government of Telangana proposed an idea, Developing the World’s Largest lift irrigation Project. So water should be made available to lakhs of farmers of Telangana.

Along with this, water will also be used for drinking and industry. Initially, its budget was estimated at $ 12 to 15 billion. But over time its budget increased. It is being told today that its budget is crossing $16 to 18 billion.

Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project was inaugurated on 2019 in which the CMs of Andhra Telangana and Maharastra are involved. The capacity of this project is 240 TMC. Out of which 169 TMC are allocated for irrigation. 30 TMC for Hyderabad Municipality. 16TMC for industrial use

Benefits of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project

Now let’s understand about benefits of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrifation Project. Simply anyone can tell, it will benefit the farmers. This will give drinking water to Hyderabad, but it’s not that simple. The benefits of such a project are much more than what is seen now, which is seen with time. You must have heard that the price of vegetable oil has gone up. Because India imports most of the cooking oil from outside. In the month of March, Indonesia banned the export of palm oil. Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil Indonesia and Malaysia together produce 80 to 90 percent of the cooking oil.

Due to this, there was a shortage of edible oil in India. There was a reason behind why Indonesia banned oil export. The reason was that there was a shortage of edible oil. Due to this, the price jumped and production also decreased. So it was made to reduce the price It is not Indonesia’s fault either. Any country in the world will think of itself first and this is what Indonesia did too.

Mainly we import edible oil from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. For which we spend an amount of 18 to 20 billion dollars every year to import. India got a lesson from the export ban by Indonesia. And that lesson was to be self-reliant. Palm oil is made from a fruit which is called palm fruit. The palm tree is mostly found where there is no shortage of water.

An oil palm tree requires 265 liters of water per day. If there is any state in India that can meet the demand for this water, then it is Telangana.

The government of Telangana has set a target of 4 years to cultivate oil palm on 2 million acres. For this, the farmers of Telangana are engaged in palm tree plantation. Farmers are taking part enthusiastically in this because of the Subsidy and financial benefits from the Telangana government. Already many people in Telangana are earning lakhs of rupees from palm oil.

Those people who have started its cultivation are earning around 2 lakh rupees per acre. Those who cultivate paddy or you can say, those who cultivate rice, those people can earn only 40000 rupees per acre. So due to this, more and more farmers are engaged in growing this plant.

Due to this target set by the government of Telangana, In the coming days, Telangana alone will become the 5th largest producer of palm oil in the world. When this happens, there is going to be a huge reduction in India’s trade deficit. India is going to save 18 to 20 billion dollars from this.

India meets today’s demand for two third vegetable oil by import. About 14 million tons of cooking oil are imported every year. Out of this 14 million tons oil import, palm oil import alone contributes to 8.5 million tons. The plantation process will be completed within 4 years as the government of Telangana wears. And after 7 years Telangana will be producing 4 million tonnes of palm oil.

And all this may not be known if there is no facility like Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation in Telangana. This oil palm framing requires a lot of water, perhaps no other state can do this work. Present time India is importing palm oil from Thailand and Malaysia and Indonesia. And Telangana is a state that is importing palm oil seeds from these countries.

It is quite certain that by taking such actions, there will be a jump in the per capita income of Telangana near future. Kaleshwaram project is a boon for Telangana. Many states can get rid of the problem of drought with such a project.

Now Andhra Pradesh is also working on a similar lift irrigation project. Work is going on on the lift irrigation project named Polavaram in Andhra Pradesh. It will be completed by 2024. We spent a mammoth 18 to 20 billion dollars to build the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project which will result in the saving of import costs of around 18 to 20 billion dollars every year.

But it has another advantage which is related to our life. that is fresh drinking water. In 2018, a NITI Aayog report came out in which it was said that 40% of Indians will not have drinking water by 2030. This news is scary. There is no news anywhere above this. In contrast, this should have been our most important issue.

Think about it, 40% is a very large population. What is the policy of the government? what is the government thinking? no one knows anything. After all, how can we ignore such big news? 2030 is not too far. India holds only 4% of the world’s freshwater, while 16% of the world’s population lives in India.

NITI Aayog has said that we have to strengthen water resource management on a top priority basis. And for this, we will need a project like the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project. With a project like this, we can store fresh water from the source, which goes into the sea through rivers.

Conclusion on Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project

I believe such projects should be done in every state. If in this way we will bring water to the people, So the groundwater level which is going down will be hindered. Because many Indians still use groundwater for agriculture and drinking. If we do not get control of water-related issues in today’s time, then maybe in the future we will have to face bad consequences.

In this case, Telangana is future ready and after a few years, Andhra Pradesh will also be there. Now other states should also think about projects like this. We have made a project like Kaleshwaram for the first time in India. And whenever you do something big for the first time it seemed that everything would be perfect. it’s a big mistake. The same is the case with Kaleshwaram too.

There are many reports where it is said that the project was not well designed. In the year 2022, one of the pump houses of the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project was submerged under water. Another big problem is the power demand for this project. 20 mega pumps have been installed in this project. When its first pump was opened, its 1-month electricity bill came to 20 crores that too just for one pump. If all the pumps run 24 hours then every year bill will come to 20000 crores which is not a less amount, this is a good amount. This must have worried the Telangana government as well.

This Kaleshwaram project is a learning experience for us. Whenever we will work on such a big project in the future, Kaleshwaram lift irrigation Project would be the perfect learning example for them. So that we can deal with every problem in a more innovative way.

Criticism has its place, it should also be there. But the positive impact of this should not be ignored.

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