Khammam-Vijayawada Greenfield Highway Project Information, Route Map and Status


The Khammam-Vijayawada Greenfield Highway Project is set to revolutionize connectivity between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Spanning a length of 89.429 km, this access-controlled highway, designed to the highest standards, promises economic growth, enhanced travel, and improved living conditions. This article offers an in-depth look into this transformative initiative. This project is a part of Nagpur Vijayawada Economic Corridor.

Project Overview

  • Project Name: Khammam-Vijayawada Green Field Highway
  • Total Length: 89.429 km
  • States: Telangana & Andhra Pradesh
  • Current Status: Under Construction
  • Estimated Project Cost: 3091.76 Cr
  • Estimated Completion: 2026
  • Agency: National Highways Authority of India
  • Starting Point: V.Venkatayapalem village, Khammam district (Design Chainage 220+480)
  • Ending Point: Jakkampudi village, Krishna district (Design Chainage 309+909)

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Route Alignment of Khammam-Vijayawada Greenfield Highway Project

Villages Affected:
Telangana: 24 villages
Andhra Pradesh: 15 villages
Total: 39 villages

Interactive Map of Khammam-Vijayawada Greenfield Highway Project

Proposed Structures on the Khammam-Vijayawada Greenfield Highway Project

  • Bridges and Structures: The project encompasses 5 major bridges, 40 minor bridges, and a minor bridge widening on crossroads.
  • Interchanges and Flyovers: The development features 17 Vehicular Underpasses (VUP), 19 Small Vehicular Underpasses (SVUP), a Cloverleaf Interchange, a Trumpet Interchange, 4 Rotary Interchanges, and 3 Flyovers with slip roads.
  • Culverts: A network of 431 culverts (Box on MCW & MCW+Slip roads), 24 culverts in interchanges, 6 culverts proposed for reconstruction, and 1 culvert for proposed repairs.
Structure Type Quantity
Major Bridges 05 Nos.
Minor Bridges 40 Nos.
Minor Bridge Widening on cross roads 1
Proposed ROBs / Underpasses / Flyovers
VUP 17
Cloverleaf Interchange 1 Nos.
Trumpet Interchange 1 Nos.
Rotary Interchange 4
Flyover with slip roads 3
Culverts Box on MCW & MCW+Slip roads 431
Culverts Box in interchange 24
Culverts on cross roads (Proposed Reconstruction to Box) 6
Culvert on cross roads (Proposed repairs) 1

Project Highlights

  • Right of Way: The proposed Right of Way is set at 45 meters, facilitating a well-designed roadway.
  • Design Speed: The highway is designed for a speed of 100 kmph, ensuring efficient travel.
  • Project Cost: The estimated cost, including land acquisition, stands at approximately Rs. 3091.76 Crores.
  • Water Requirement: The project demands approximately 19,62,869.70 KLD of water.
  • Land Acquisition: A total of 433.02 hectares of land is earmarked for acquisition.

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Quantity of Raw Materials Required for the project :

Raw Material Quantity
Cement 739,816 MT
Steel 16,976.55 MT
Coarse Aggregates 1,219,923.82 cubic meters
Fine Aggregates 89,181.41 cubic meters
Bitumen 10,858.64 MT

Environmental Stewardship

  • Tree Conservation: No. of Trees Cut for the Project (if Forest Land not Involved) amounts to 53396, with plans to compensate through planting 160188 trees.
  • EIA and Environmental Clearance: K&J Projects Pvt. Ltd., with Enviro Infra Solutions Pvt. Ltd., spearheads obtaining Environmental Clearance, underscoring environmental responsibility.

Socio-Economic Impact

The Khammam-Vijayawada Green Field Highway Project is a harbinger of socio-economic transformation:

  • Economic Flow: This highway serves as an economic artery, promoting development, generating employment, and boosting local businesses.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Improved rural-urban connectivity benefits diverse sectors, from small-scale industries to healthcare and education.
  • Tourism and Prosperity: Faster travel facilitates tourist development, while improved road quality reduces vehicle operating costs.
  • Air Quality Improvement: The compensatory plantation alongside the road enhances the region’s air quality, promoting a healthier environment.

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Tenders & Contractors Details

Package Details Contractor
Package 1 V.Venkatayapalem village at Design Ch.220.480 Km to Brahmanapalli(K) village at Ch. 250.400 Dineshchandra R Agrawal Infracon Pvt. Ltd.
Package 2 Brahmanapalli(K) village at Design Ch. 250.400 Km to Remidicherla village at Ch.280.200 Km Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd.
Package 3 Remidicherla village at Design Ch.280.200 Km to Jakkampudi village (on NH-16) at Design Ch. 309.909 Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd.


The Khammam-Vijayawada Green Field Highway Project is not just a road; it’s a conduit for progress, unity, and opportunity. With a keen focus on sustainable development and community well-being, this project embodies a brighter future for both states. Through economic upliftment, enhanced connectivity, and environmental stewardship, this highway will stand as a testament to responsible and holistic infrastructure development.

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