Mancherial-Warangal Greenfield Highway Project Information, Route Map and Status


The Mancherial-Warangal Greenfield Highway Project, spanning a remarkable 112.240 km, signifies a monumental leap in infrastructure development. Collaborating with K&J Projects Pvt. Ltd. and Enviro Infra Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) embarks on a transformative journey, linking Telangana’s Mancherial to Warangal. This project not only promises enhanced connectivity but also fosters economic growth and environmental stewardship. This article offers a comprehensive insight into this ambitious endeavor.

Project Overview:

  • Project Name: Mancherial-Warangal Greenfield Highway
  • Total Length: 112.240 km
  • Estimated Project Cost: Approx. 2454.95 Crores
  • Right of Way (RoW): Proposed RoW is 45 m (except 60 m at junctions)
  • Expected Completion: 2026
  • Major Settlements: Mancherial, Manthani, Mutharam, Tekumatla, Mogullapally, Warangal
  • Proposed Land Acquisition: Approx. 595.686 ha.
  • Agency: National Highways Authority of India

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Route Alignment of Mancherial-Warangal Greenfield Highway Project

The proposed highway Project starts from Ramaraopet village located in Macherial district and terminates at Oorugonda village in Warangal district in the state of Telangana.

Interactive Map of Mancherial-Warangal Greenfield Highway Project

Proposed Structures on Mancherial-Warangal Greenfield Highway Project

Structure Quantity
ROB 1 Nos
Major Bridges 5 Nos
Minor Bridges 45 Nos
Intersection 1 Nos
Vehicular Underpasses 24 Nos
Pedestrian Underpasses 35 Nos
LVUPs 4 Nos
SVUPs 9 Nos
Box Culverts 146 Nos
Pipe Culverts 36 Nos
Flyovers 5 Nos
Toll Plazas 2 Nos
Truck Lay Byes 4 Nos
Rest Areas 4 Nos
High Mast Lights 43 Nos

Design and Safety:

  • Highway Standards: Constructed according to IRC: SP: 84-2019, “Manual of Specifications and Standards for Highway” design standards.
  • Safety Measures: Aligned with IRC: SP: 55 and prevailing circulars/notifications of the government of India/NHAI.

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Environmental Focus:

  • Impact on Trees: Approximately 14,689 trees are expected to be affected due to the proposed RoW. Measures will be taken to minimize loss through restricted cutting and avenue plantation.
  • Enumeration and Mitigation: Detailed enumeration of affected trees will be carried out in collaboration with the forest department and incorporated into the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study.

Natural Features:

  • Waterways: Passing through 46 streams, 04 rivers, and 06 ponds.

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Material Requirements:

Material Quantity
Cement 16,41,036.01 MT
Coarse Aggregate 61,60,527.36 cum
Fine Aggregate 20,58,831.33 cum
Steel 1,42,622.08 MT
Bitumen 27,575.39 MT
Bitumen Emulsion 1,997.68 MT
Filler 7,815.42 MT
Borrow Earth 41,26,141.46 Cum
Fly Ash 66,54,377.96 cum
Stone/Boulders 60,317.59 cum
Gravel for Backfilling 1,84,984.65 cum

Sustainable Practices:

  • Fly Ash Utilization: Utilizing 66,54,377.96 cum of fly ash from Singareni Thermal Power Station and Ramagundam Thermal Power Station as per fly ash notification 2016 of MoEF&CC.
  • Water Management: Extracting approx. 2800047.08 KLD of water from suitable surface sources or ground water with necessary permissions.

Project Cost:

  • The total estimated project cost stands at approx. 2454.95 Crores.

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Tenders & Contractors Details

Package Details Contractor
Package 1  Narva at Ch.3+834 Km to Puttapaka @ Ch.35+300 Km (Total length: 31.466 km) Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd.
Package 2 Puttapaka at Ch.35+300 Km to Pangidipalle @ Ch.72+350 Km (Total length 37.050 km) Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd.
Package 3 Pangidipalle at Ch.72+350 Km to Oorugonda at Ch.112+240 Km (Total length 39.890 km) Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd.


The Mancherial-Warangal Greenfield Highway Project signifies not just a road, but a conduit of progress, unity, and sustainable growth. As Mancherial and Warangal converge through this transformative artery, the project paves the way for a brighter, interconnected future while embracing environmental stewardship and community advancement.

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