10 Mega Projects In India Currently Ongoing 2024 That are going to Boost Economy for Sure

Top 10 mega projects in India currently under construction which will boost Indian economy.

Is there any construction going on in your neighborhood?

You would have undoubtedly seen a metro construction project on your way home! Do you recall that MNC office that has been under construction for a long time?

Well, pinch yourself, because it’s the same here!!

We see so many building projects in our daily lives and wonder why they never seem to end! The reason for this is that the building industry, often known as infrastructure, is one of our most important economic foundations.

This is a great achievement for a developing country like ours. Construction is ongoing, ranging from tiny to mega-scale! Thousands of individuals work in this industry throughout the year. Also, it is the most important contribution to our economy.

As a result, when the pandemic struck, this industry was inevitably shut down. Now that things are returning to normal, some major projects have reopened and will be completed by the end of 2024 or early next year.

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Let’s have a look at the mega projects in India that are ongoing and currently under construction in 2023

1. World’s First Motorable Road Through the Glaciers HIMANK

Mega Projects In India -HIMANK motorable road through glacier
Ongoing Mega projects in India 2024: HIMANK

This is one of the Border Roads Organization’s most ambitious projects.

It intends to construct the world’s first glacier road.

The goal of Project HIMANK is to construct a motorable road that runs across the world’s tallest glaciers. The project is located in Ladakh’s eastern region.

It will be built at a height of 17,800 feet.

This will be a crucial link connecting the region’s glaciers, which has hitherto been unattainable. It is also one of the most hazardous tasks.

The snow continues to melt, and the temperatures fluctuate throughout the year.

Between Sasoma and Saser La, a road is being built. People’s life will be made easier as a result of it.

These will also improve living conditions and socioeconomic strata. Officials are working hard to make this project a success despite having very little time to work on it.

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2. Chenab Rail Bridge

Mega Projects In India - Chenab Rail Bridge
Ongoing Mega projects in India 2024: Chenab Bridge

The Chenab Bridge, situated between Bakkal and Kauri in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), India, stands at a height of 359m and spans 1,315m, making it the tallest rail bridge globally.

Part of the Jammu-Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Line (JUSBRL) project led by the Ministry of Indian Railways, this bridge, costing Rs14.86bn ($181m), will feature a 14m-wide dual carriageway and a 1.2m-wide central verge. Construction of the bridge concluded in August 2022, with track laying finished in March 2023.

Expected to commence operations in 2024, the Chenab Bridge is designed to last 120 years, enhancing local economic growth and transportation accessibility in the area.

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3. Mumbai to Delhi Expressway

Mega Projects In India - Mumbai Delhi Expressway
Mumbai Delhi Express way : Upcoming projects in india 2024

This enormous Delhi-Mumbai Expressway stretches about 1350 kilometers. It is being built between our country’s national capital and financial capital.

The project began in 2019 and is expected to cost a total of 1,03,000 crores.

The major goal is to improve connectivity amongst the country’s big cities. Increasing the amount of local development around the Expressway.

The building has resumed after a hiatus caused by the pandemic. There will be two phases to the project.

The first phase will contain eight lanes, while the second phase will have twelve.

Currently a section of 800 Kilometers have been opened for the public.

The rest of the works are in progress. By December 2025, the project is likely to be completed.

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Read More about Delhi Mumbai Expressway here.

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Complete Details, Route Map, Progress Information, Etc

4. Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project (Sewri – Nhava Sheva Sea Link Project )

Mega Projects In India -Mumbai Trans Harbor Link
Mumbai Trans Harbour Link : Upcoming projects in india 2024

The anticipated cost of this megaproject is 14,000 crores. The project has started in April 2018 and is currently under progress.

Sewri and Nhava Sheva in Navi Mumbai will be connected through this Harbour Link.

The MTHL is a 22-kilometer-long sea bridge that spans the Mumbai metropolitan area.

It is India’s longest sea link bridge. The project is completed and opened for public on 12th January 2024.

To keep up with the increased traffic, a new link is being constructed.

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5. Central Vista Redevelopment Project

Mega Projects In India -Central Vista
Central Vista : Upcoming projects in india 2024

Central Delhi’s alleyways will soon take on a new appearance. Late-night strolls to India Gate will be a thing of the past. Because the government is constructing an entirely new parliament!

In addition, the areas in and around the Prime Minister’s residence will be totally renovated.

The project is amongst the most expensive in history, and it is a first in Indian history.

The goal of the initiative is to renovate government buildings which are  said to be outdated and ineffective for today’s needs.

The project’s budget is projected to be around 13,000 crores.
The new parliament building aka central vista, on the other hand, will be completed by early next year. For a variety of reasons, this has sparked debate. The project’s necessity has been questioned by the opposition and journalists.

The government, on the other hand, insists that it is necessary. The goal of the project is to provide the decades-old institutions a more eco-friendly and required makeover.

Although the central vista is inaugurated in 2023 for the parliament sessions. The entire central vista project is likely to be completed in 2024.

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6. Dedicated Freight Corridors

Mega Projects In India - Dedicated freight corridor


Mega Projects In India : Dedicated Freight Corridors 

The dedicated freight corridors in India consist of a comprehensive network of broad gauge railway lines exclusively reserved for freight trains and their operations. This ambitious project in India enhances the efficiency of freight train services, resulting in a more rapid and seamless transportation process. There are six primary segments of dedicated freight corridors in India, which are the western dedicated freight corridor, eastern dedicated freight corridor, east-west dedicated freight corridor, north-south dedicated freight corridor, east coast dedicated freight corridor, and southern dedicated freight corridor.

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7. Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA)

Mega Projects In India- Navi Mumbai International Airport
Mega Projects in India : Navi Mumbai International Airport

The Adani group has invested 16 crores on this mega project in India. It is anticipated to begin very shortly. The inauguration is set to take place later this month. In 2018, our current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, laid the foundation.

The new airport will be about 35 kilometers from Mumbai’s current airport.

The initial idea was to build the airport in four phases, from now until 2032.

However, because of the epidemic, it has been rescheduled.
In the first phase, the airport hopes to serve 10 million passengers. Later, in the fourth phase, the number of people will reach 60 million.

This will be the city of Mumbai’s second airport.

The airport is currently scheduled to open in 2024.

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8. Bharatmala Pariyojana Programme

Mega Projects In India- Bharatmala Pariyojana
Mega Projects in India : Bharatmala Pariyojana Programme

Since 2018, the Bharatmala project has been underway. The project is one of the country’s largest & mega highway projects.

According to the proposal, about 83,677  kilometers of roads would be targeted. The project’s goal is to promote connectivity and help our country’s economic frontiers.

This would also aid in increasing cargo moving rates.

The project is divided into seven distinct phases.

The first phase is currently being built. By 2022, the project was projected to be completed but due to delays the projects under phase 1 are still under progress.

To speed up the process, attempts are now being made to complete at least eighteen kilometers every day.

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Watch now the status of Bharatmala Pariyojana here-

9. Sagarmala Project

Mega Projects In India- sagarmala
Mega Projects in India : Sagarmala Project Programme

The project Sagarmala intends to improve India’s coastline. This will make ports and harbor operations more efficient.

The national government wants to connect all of the railways in the area.

It is a set of projects aimed at promoting industrial growth. The improvement of the shoreline and inland waterways has been identified as the path to take.

This mega project in India has a budget of Rs. 4 lakh crores.

The plan is divided into four sections. It lays out a strategy for taking advantage of India’s 7000-kilometer-long coastline. In addition, updated facilities should be put in place.

This is also expected to aid in the reduction of transportation costs across the country thereby contributing to the Increase in country’s GDP.

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10. Ken Betwa River Link Project

Mega Projects in India : Ken betwa river linking project
Mega Projects in India : Ken betwa river linking project

Ken Betwa River Link is the first project for river interlinking under the National Perspective Plan. It calls for water to be transferred from the Ken river in Uttar Pradesh to the Betwa river in Madhya Pradesh, both of which are tributaries of the river Yamuna. The Ken-Betwa Link Canal will be 221 kilometers long, along with a 2-kilometer tunnel in the middle.

This Mega Project in India project is divided into two phases, each having four primary components. The Daudhan Dam complex & its linked units, such as  Low Level Tunnel, High Level Tunnel, Ken-Betwa Link Canal project, and power plants, will be included in Phase I ot this mega project. Lower Orr Dam, Bina Complex Project & Kotha Barrage are the 3 components of Phase II. The project is intended to provide the annual irrigation of up to 10.62 lakh hectares, supply drinking water to around 62 lakh population, and create 103 MW of hydropower enerty and 27 MW of solar electricity, according to the Jal Shakti Ministry of India.

At 2020-21 price levels, the overall cost of the Ken-Betwa link project has been estimated at Rs.44,605 crore.

Once completed these all Mega projects in India are going to change & boost the Indian Economy for sure.

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