Mohali Sehna Expressway Project Information, Route Map and Status

Mohali Sehna Expressway: Redefining Connectivity and Economic Growth


The Mohali Sehna Expressway is a visionary infrastructure project set to transform Punjab’s landscape by introducing a 6-Lane Access Controlled Greenfield Highway. Covering a distance of 135.370 km, this project falls under the ambit of Bharatmala Pariyojana Phase II. From seamless connectivity to economic progress, this article delves into the details of this monumental endeavor that will not only enhance accessibility but also propel the state’s economic growth.

Overview and Salient Features of the Project

Total Length: 135.370 km
Start Point: Mohali (Km Ch. 0+000)
End Point: Sehna (Km Ch. 135+370)
Agency: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
Type: Greenfield Alignment
Carriageway Width: 6 lanes with paved shoulders
Total Area of Land Acquisition: 935.94 Ha
Right of Way: 60 m
Total Cost: Rs. 6332.07 Cr

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Proposed Route Alignment

The Mohali Sehna Expressway commences near Mohali at Km Ch. 0+000 and concludes at Sehna (End Ch. 135+370) in Punjab. This strategic alignment offers a shorter travel distance and the promise of simultaneous development in the region. The project is envisaged to serve as a pivotal economic artery, nurturing growth, employment opportunities, and tourism.

Mohali Sehna Expressway
Mohali Sehna Expressway

Interactive Map of Mohali Sehna Expressway 

Proposed Structures on the Expressway

The expressway’s design goes beyond mere connectivity, incorporating structures and facilities to ensure a comprehensive travel experience. These include:

1. Interchanges and Flyovers

Junctions with existing roads will be seamlessly integrated through interchanges and flyovers. These well-planned structures guarantee uninterrupted traffic flow, minimizing congestion and ensuring efficient movement.

2. Greening Initiatives

The project boasts compensatory plantation and roadside greening, aimed at enhancing air quality and environmental sustainability. This commitment aligns with India’s efforts to create eco-friendly infrastructure.

3. Roadside Amenities

Travelers can expect a host of amenities including bus bays, truck lay bays, rest areas, and service roads at built-up locations. Pedestrian and cattle underpasses, landscaping, and tree plantations ensure both safety and a comfortable journey.

4. Toll Plazas

The expressway will feature two main toll plazas along with ramp toll plazas at seven locations. These toll plazas play a crucial role in generating revenue for maintaining the infrastructure.

Major Bridges 6 Nos
Minor Bridges 21 Nos
Vehicular Underpass 43 Nos
Light Vehicular Underpass 54 Nos
Small Vehicular Underpass 32 Nos
Flyovers 2 Nos
Culverts 162 Nos
Main Toll Plaza 2 Nos
Ramp Type Toll Plaza 7 Nos

Economic and Social Impact

The Mohali Sehna Expressway project has far-reaching implications for Punjab’s economic and social landscape. Notable impacts include:

1. Economic Growth and Employment

By fostering faster and safer transportation, the project will catalyze economic growth and create employment opportunities for the local population.

2. Agricultural Enhancement

The project’s development will bolster local agriculture by enabling farmers to fetch better prices for their products and attracting investments to the region.

3. Improved Quality of Life

The project’s benefits extend to the quality of life of residents along the route. Improved connectivity to social and health infrastructure enhances overall well-being.

4. Tourism Boost

Enhanced accessibility is expected to drive local tourism, thereby boosting the economy and supporting local businesses.

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The Mohali Sehna Expressway is more than just a highway; it is a catalyst for change and progress. With its comprehensive approach to connectivity, economic growth, and environmental responsibility, the project exemplifies India’s commitment to creating a sustainable and prosperous future. As the wheels of progress set in motion, Punjab can look forward to an era of enhanced connectivity, economic prosperity, and improved quality of life.

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