Mumbai Vadodara Expressway Project Details

Mumbai Vadodara Expressway Project Details

The Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway is a proposed eight-lane / six lane fully access controlled expressway under Bharatmala Pariyojana. The reason behind the proposal of this expressway is that maximum sections of the current routes from Mumbai to Vadodara have been reached to there maximum capacity.

This expressway on the western India will become one of the important transportation corridors in developing India.

This Mumbai Vadodara expressway along with the other expressway from Vadodara to Delhi comprises to the Popular Delhi Mumbai Expressway.

Maharashtra, Gujarat, and the Union territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli are all part of this proposed Mumbai Vadodara Expressway. The expressway will be approximately 379 kilometers long and will follow roughly parallel to the existing NH-8. Approximately 90 kms of the expressway will be initially constructed as 6 lane ( with a provision of future expansion upto 8 lanes) and the remaining majority length of the expressway will be constructed as 8 Lane.

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The prime objective behind this Expressway is to provide a seamless and efficient transport system encompassing all mobility and logistics requirements to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of the traffic.

Currently with the existing routes, the distance between JNPT Port Mumbai to Vadodara is around 550 Kms which takes around 10-11 hours as travel time. With the construction of Mumbai Vadodara expressway the distance will be shortened to just 379 Kms ( around 170 kms lesser than current distance). Along with this, the high standard of pavement with accessibility to high speed will allow the commuters to cover the journey from Mumbai to Vadodara in just 3.5 to 5 hours which will save huge amount of fuel and transportation &  logistics cost.

Also after successful construction of this expressway, there will be a boost in the socio and economic growth of the nearby areas and will also push the growth of industries like Textiles, Gems, Jewelleries , Petrochemical ,Fertilizer etc.

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Key Features of Mumbai Vadodara Expressway

In order to make the expressway completely access controlled , there is a provision to provide boundary walls / fencing on both side of Mumbai Vadodara Expressway. This will help in mitigating unwanted access of wildlife animals, domestic animals, cattles etc to enter the expressway.

The Design speed on the expressway will be 120 KmPH.

The Proposed Right of Way ( ROW ) throughout the Highway Alignment will be 100m / 120m.

The construction of the super expressway will be carried out under Hybrid Annuity Mode.

The expressway will be constructed on a high Embankment (with height over 3 m)

The Median throughout the expressway will be 12 m wide depressed type for 8 lane section where as for the small portion of 6 lane section, the median will be depressed type 19.5 m ( considering future expansion )

Paved shoulder of 3 m will be provided on outer edge of each carriage way.

Earthen shoulderof 3 m is provided on outer edge of paved shoulders on both carriageway.

Throughout the expressway, approx 48 Kms of service roads will be constructed on necessary locations.

Closed type tolling system is adopted for the toll collection on the Express Highway

Overall 34 Toll Plazas will be constructed on the expressway. Out of which , 2 will be main toll plazas and 32 other toll plazas will be on Ramp / Loop.

The overall cost of construction of the Expressway will be around INR 44,000 Crores.

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Types of Structures Proposed Under Mumbai Vadodara Expressway 

Updated :

Interchanges – 14 Nos

Flyovers – 24 Nos

Vehicular Underpass – 76 Nos

Vehicular Overpass – 13 Nos

Pedestrian Underpass – 129 Nos

Cattle Underpass – 232 Nos

Major Bridges – 29 Nos

Minor Bridges – 88 Nos

Railway Over Bridge – 8 Nos

Culverts (for Cross Drainage ) – 447 Nos

Culverts (for irrigation / utility ) – 391 Nos

Way Side Amenities – 26 Nos

Truck Parking – 8 Nos

Emergency Crossover – Every 5 Kms

Quantity of Construction Matetials to be Used for the construction of Mumbai Vadodara Expressway

Earthwork – 4,50,00,000 CUM

Aggregates / Gravels – 1,70,00,000 CUM

Sand – 70,00,000 CUM

Flyash – 1,50,00,000 CUM

Cement – 50,00,000 TON

Bitumen – 2800 TON

Steel – 2,20,000 TON

The following map depicts the route / alignment of Vadodara – Mumbai Expressway Project

The Starting point of the expressway is in Mumbai Maharashtra,  it will pass through Palgarh Then will enter Dadra and Nagar Haveli . After that it will Enter Gujarat state where it will cross through Valsad, Navsari,  Surat, Bharuch,  Surat & then it will Reach its Destination i.e. Vadodara.

Mumbai Vadodara Expressway

Interactive map of Mumbai Vadodara Expressway

Mumbai Vadodara Expressway Project Model: HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model)

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Current Status of the Project

Currently the construction of Mumbai Baroda Expressway is in its full swing.

Tender & Contractor Details of Mumbai Vadodara Expressway Project

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the Expressway is prepared by Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd (ICT)

Vadodara – Virar Section (354 Kms) Details Are As Follows

  • Gujarat: PKG 1 to PKG 10
  • Maharashtra: PKG 11 to PKG 18
Package (length) & Sections Contractor Details / Status
Package 1 (24 km) – Km 355.000 to Km 378.740 VK1 Expressway
Package 2 (32 km) – Km 323.000 to Km 355.000 IRCON Vadodara Kim Expressway
Package 3 (31 km) – Km 292.000 to Km 323.000 Patel Vadodara-Kim Expressway
Package 4 (13 km) – Km 279.000 to Km 292.000 Ashoka Ankleshwar Manubar Expressway
Package 5 (25 km) – Km 254.430 to Km 279.000 Sadbhav Kim Expressway
Package 6 (37 km) – Km 217.500 to Km 254.430 GR Infraprojects
Package 7 (28 km) – Km 190.000 to Km 217.500 IRB Infastructure Developers
Package 8 (35 km) – Km 154.600 to Km 190.000 Roadway Solutions India Infra
Package 9 (27 km) – Km 128.000 to Km 154.600 Roadway Solutions India Infra Ltd.
Package 10 (25 km) – Km 103.400 to Km 1280.00 Roadway Solutions India Infra
Package 11 (26 km) – Km 77.000 to Km 103.400 RKC Infrabuilt
Package 12 (26 km) – Km 50.700 to Km 77.000 Montecarlo
Package 13 (27 km) – Km 26.582 to Km 50.700 AND 0.000 to 3.000 GR Infraprojects

Virar – JNPT Section (92 Kms) Details Are As Follows

Package (length) & Sections Contractor Details / Status
Package 14 (17 km) – Km 3.000 to Km 20.200 IRCON International
Package 15 (23 km) – Km 20.200 to Km 43.000 Agroh Infrastructure Developers
Package 16 (27 km) – Km 43.000 to Km 69.700 Shivalaya Construction Co.
Package 17 (10 km) – Km 69.700 to Km 79.780 IRCON International
Package 18 (15 km) – Km 79.780 to Km 94.290 DPR in Progress.
Tender Notice Pending

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