Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase 1 Project Information Route Map and Status

Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase 1: Paving the Way for Seamless Connectivity


The Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase 1 project is a testament to Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to modern infrastructure and enhanced connectivity. This transformative endeavor spans approximately 65.066 km, connecting villages Adampur to Khodaypur Kasgaon in Prayagraj and Kaushambi districts. In this article, we explore the project’s features, benefits, and significance for the region.

Project Overview

Total Length 65.066 kilometers
Start Point Adampur (Design Chainage: 0+000)
End Point Khodaypur Kasgaon (Design Chainage: 65+066)
Agency National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
Type Access Controlled with New Alignment
Proposed Right of Way (RoW) 60 meters
Total Land Acquisition 418 hectares
Total Estimated Cost Rs. 7,048 Crores
Estimated Completion Deadline 2026

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Proposed Route Alignment of the project

The proposed alignment encircles Prayagraj city, connecting to nearby regions like Phoolpur, Pratapgarh, Kunda, Unchahar, Mirzapur, and Varanasi.

Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase 1
Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase 1

Interactive Map of Upcoming Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase 1

Proposed Structures on Upcoming Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase 1

The project involves the construction of essential structures for seamless connectivity:

Structure Type Quantity
ROB (Road Over Bridges) 06 Nos
Major Bridges 03 Nos
Minor Bridges 08 Nos
Vehicular Underpasses 10 Nos
LVUPs (Limited Vertical Underpasses) 10 Nos
Flyovers 07 Nos
Culverts 79 Nos

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Environmental Considerations

The project’s alignment has been strategically planned to minimize its impact on wildlife sanctuaries, protected areas, and eco-sensitive zones. Compensatory measures, such as planting trees and preserving protected forest areas, are integral to the project’s environmental commitment.

Materials and Resources 

The construction of the Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase-1 project requires a significant amount of resources:

Material Quantity
Cement 79,250 tons
Sand 88,500 cubic meters
Steel 20,215 metric tons
Bitumen 226,400 tons
Fly Ash 536,300 cubic meters
Aggregate 2,617,300 cubic meters
Stone Boulder 530,000 metric tons
Soil 29,787,265 metric tons

Water Consumption and Sustainability

Approximately 6000 KLD (Kilo Litres per Day) of water will be sourced from suitable surface sources or groundwater, adhering to necessary permissions and regulations. This demonstrates the project’s commitment to responsible water usage.

Salient Features of Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase 1

The Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase-1 project is designed to offer more than just enhanced connectivity. It encompasses features that address traffic management, economic growth, and environmental sustainability:

1. Efficient Traffic Management

The project aims to alleviate traffic congestion in Prayagraj town by providing a much-needed bypass route. The development of interchanges and flyovers at junctions with existing roads ensures smooth traffic flow, especially during events like the Kumbh Mela.

2. Economic Growth and Employment Opportunities

By providing improved transportation, the project is set to drive economic growth. The enhanced connectivity is expected to attract investments, leading to job creation and a boost in local economies.

3. Environmental Sustainability

With compensatory plantation and roadside greening, the project demonstrates its commitment to a healthier environment. These efforts will contribute to improving air quality in the region.

4. Enhanced Road Quality and Reduced Vehicle Operating Costs

The focus on road quality enhancement will not only provide a comfortable journey but also result in reduced vehicle operating costs due to smoother travel experiences.

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The Prayagraj Inner Ring Road Phase-1 project stands as a remarkable example of Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to modern infrastructure and sustainable development. Beyond providing enhanced connectivity, the project’s comprehensive approach addresses traffic management, economic growth, environmental concerns, and community development. As the wheels of progress turn, Prayagraj and its surrounding regions can anticipate a brighter future driven by improved accessibility and economic prosperity.

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