Pressure Sand Filter Methodology Explained. Uses and Application of Pressure Sand Filter

Pressure Sand Filter method is a popular and extremely reliable technique for removing suspended particles from water. Sand in various sizes and specific gravities are layered to form the filtration medium. Sand filters are available in a variety of sizes and materials, and they can be operated manually or totally mechanically.

To create the necessary operating pressure in the pressure sand filter, raw water pump is employed. To lessen the amount of suspended solids in the raw water, 3.5 kg/cm2 of pressure is applied to the CHEMTRONICS Multigrade Sand Filter.

The filter will successfully reduce the suspended particles to less than 5 ppm up to a size of 30–50 micron. Raw water must be used to wash the filter for 20 to 30 minutes each day. Cartridge filters are used to filter out particles smaller than 30–50 microns.

Application of Pressure Sand Filter Methodology

• Preparation of cooling water
• Making cooling water ready
• Wastewater treatment
• Manufacturing drinking water
• Swimming pool filtration
• Membrane system pre-filtration
• Gray or surface water filtration
• Water in a swimming pool

Multi Grade Pressure Sand Filter

The Multigrade Pressure Sand Filter is a depth filter that utilizes a constant ratio of coarse and fine material. This configuration creates a filter bed with sufficient pore size to hold both large and small suspended particles. For the removal of suspended solids and undissolved contaminants including dust particles and heavy metals, etc., multigrade sand filters are strongly advised. Turbidity is decreased as a result.

An excellent option for systems with much of sediment, silt, sand, and turbidity is a pressure sand filter. In the field of media filtering, our Sand filters are well known. To handle the variety of suspended pollutants, the sand filters are specifically made. The multigrade sand filter from the Chemtronics filtration line comes with a vessel, pipes, valves, sand media, and gravel support bed.

Applications of Multi Grade Pressure Sand Filter

For all applications where a traditional sand filter is used, the Multigrade sand filter is the best option.

• It is widely utilized in cooling water side stream filtration.
• Water to drink.
• It’s perfect for filtering water that has been clarified.
• The use of water in chemical reactions.
• The industrial process of filtering.
• Used for pre–treatment for membrane systems.
• Filtration of swimming pool water.
• Tertiary wastewater treatment using filtration.
• Methods used in pharmaceutical production.

Multigrade pressure sand filter
Multigrade pressure sand filter

Pressure Sand Filter for water- FR Series

Fiber glass reinforced plastic (FGRP) composite vessels have strengths directly similar to steel, are 1/3 the weight of carbon steel, require no maintenance, and look quite attractive.\

• The economical, non-corrosive option for treating and storing commercial and industrial water
• FRP vessels are employed in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.
• The natural fiberglass shell of the vessel never ages or changes color; colored shells are advised for UV protection.
• Completely impervious to corrosion, both inside and out.

• Physical Properties
: Operating Pressure – Min 0 bar and Max. 10 bar.
: Factory Test Pressure – 11 bar.
: Operating Temp – Min. 1°C and Max. 50 °C
• The light weight of composites can lead to cost saving like lower installation costs easier handling.
• Top & Bottom Opening Vessel.
• Low Pressure drop across the vessel.
• Multiport valve MOC is ABS.
• Manual, Semi automatic and automatic features are provided.
• High Filtration efficiencies Standard and effective multigrade sand media.
• Efficient Turbidity and TSS Removal.

Pressure Sand Filter for water-SS Series –

Pressure Sand Filter for water-SS Series
Pressure Sand Filter for water-SS Series

Stainless steel pressure sand filters are widely used in the following applications :
• Pharmaceutical product water
• Dairy & food products.
• Beverages
• Package drinking water
• Cosmetics

Pressure Sand Filter for water MS Series –

Pressure Sand Filter for water MS Series
Pressure Sand Filter for water MS Series

Mild Steel (MS) pressure sand filters are commonly used across the world for the following applications :
• Filter high quantity of water.
• Thermoelectric power plants.
• Irrigation & farming
• Aqua culture.

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