50 km Long Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway Complete Details

Brief Introduction of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway project :

The government of India has decided to construct a spur expressway from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh to Haridwar, Uttarakhand. This will be a new connection to Haridwar from Delhi Saharanpur Expressway which is also known as Delhi Saharanpur Dehradun Economic Corridor.

Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

In this article, we will talk about the details of a spur route from under construction Delhi Saharanpur Dehradun Expressway which is the Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway. We will look at the project’s important information, including some technical details, project length, route alignment, importance and benefits of this infrastructure development, construction opportunities, land acquisition details, construction packages, working contractors, current progress, proposed structures, and expected date of completion, etc. So read this complete article to have detailed information about this highway project.

Currently, the distance between Delhi to Haridwar is approx 240 km and it takes around 4 to 5 hours of time to travel between these cities on normal days whereas, during religious events like Kumbh Mela, etc, the travel time increases significantly due to the issues of traffic congestion.

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Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

In order to solve this issue, a spur expressway project from Saharanpur to Haridwar was proposed in year 2021 under which a goal was set to provide expressway connectivity from Delhi to Haridwar.

Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway will be a 6-lane fully access controlled greenfield expressway which is being constructed in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand states of India.

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Route Alignment and Village List of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

The expressway starts from Halgoya Mushtakam village near Saharanpur Bypass on Delhi Saharanpur Dehradun Economic Corridor. Moving ahead, the expressway passes through Gangauli, Pahadpur, Tajpur, Nafepur, Shivpur, Manakpur Adampur, Manakpur Devpur, Iqbalpur Kalempur, Madhopur Hazratpur, Saliyar, Mohammadpur Panda, Piran Kaliyar and while traversing through the northern part of Roorkee, the expressway will finally be connected to existing National Highway NH 334 in Badheri Rajputan near Haridwar.

Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

Interactive Map of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway 

Salient Features of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

This highway project is being constructed and develpmed under the ambitious program of India i.e. Bharatmala Pariyojana.

The overall length of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway is approx 50 Kms .

The terrain along the stretch of the expressway is plain type and Majority of area is of agricultural type.

Right of Way (ROW) of the proposed Saharanpur Haridwar expressway is kept as 60 mts.

This spur expressway is designed in such a way that vehicles can move with a speed of 100 kmph on the highway.

In addition to this, in order to make the expressway fully access controlled, there is a provision for the construction of boundary walls on either sides of the expressway. With the help of these boundary walls, the wildlife animals, cattles, domestic animals etc cannot access the expressway which will result in the smooth and seamless movement of vehicles on this Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway.

The carriageway / Pavement of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway will be constructed as flexible type and the design life of the flexible pavement will be 50 years.

Throughout its stretch, the expressway will cross overall 5 Highways including Delhi Dehradun Expressway, Muzaffarpur Saharanpur SH 59, 4 Rivers and 2 irrigation canals.

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Structures under Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

Following structures have been proposed on the stretch :

6 Flyovers and Interchanges

2 Railway Over Bridges

5 Major Bridges

10 Minor Bridges

9 Vehicular Underpass

11 Light Vehicular Underpass

140 Culverts

In addition to the above structures, an advanced traffic management system will also be installed on the expressway

Way Side Amenities will be developed on 2 locations on the expressway.

CCTV Cameras, Emergency Calling Booths and fuel stations will also be installed on the regular intervals on the expressway.

Another important information related to this project is that the area under this expressway falls under seismic zone IV of India which means the area is prone to earthquakes of severe intensity. Considering this only the structures proposed under this expressway have been designed to have enough resistance to such earthquake situations.

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Overall cost and LA details of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

For the construction of highway, Approximately 300 Hectares of Land has been acquired.

The overall cost of the Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway is approx 2325 Crores.

Construction Materials to be used for the construction of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

If we now talk about the construction materials, there will be consumption of more than 77 lakh CUM soil for earthwork, excavation work etc, 46 lakh CUM of Flyash, 19,478 MT Bitumen, 85,000 CUM of Cement, 34,000 MT of Steel, 12,00,000 CUM of Aggregate and  5,00,000 CUM of Sand. In addition to this, there will be consumption of more than 21,00,000 Kilo Liters of water for the development of this project.

During the development phase of this expressway, approximately 8,300 number of trees will be cut down and to compensate this, 10 times the number of trees cut will be planted under compensatory plantation.

During its construction phase, this expressway project will create a good employment opportunity for engineers, sub contractors, fitters, labours etc.

Benefits of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

Friends, after the successful completion of this highway which is a spur expressway from Delhi Saharanpur Dehradun Expressway, there will be a high speed direct expressway connectivity from Delhi to Haridwar and the overall distance will be reduced by more than 50 km from the existing distance.

And after completion of this project, with the help of high-quality access-controlled highway, Delhi to Haridwar can be reached within just 2 to 2.50 Hours. And after it finishes, this infrastructure development will provide a positive impact in the long run on social, environmental, economical, and financial issues of the surrounding areas and in addition to this, due to the tourists and religious locations, the nearby locations from this expressway will act as the sweet spot for the commercial builders, real estate, investors, etc.

Due to the urban construction, the market will grow significantly which will also push the service sector in these areas.

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Current Status, Contractors and Completion date of Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway

The detailed project report of this project was developed by Transys Consultant Pvt Ltd.

Currently, the construction work of this project is in progress and currently the construction company Krishna Constellation Pvt Ltd is constructing this expressway under Hybrid Annuity Mode of construction.

It is expected that the Saharanpur Haridwar Expressway project will be completed and become operational by year 2024.

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