120 km long Shamli Ambala Expressway Complete Details of Project

Introduction to Shamli Ambala Expressway Project

The Ministry of Roads, Transport, and Highways have decided to improve the efficiency of freight and logistics activities across India. Under this, the responsibility to improve the quality of existing highways & to prepare the Detailed Project Report for developing new Expressways, Highways etc across different states of the country has been allotted to the National Highways Authority of India.

In the same series, to improve the connectivity between Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, a greenfield expressway has been proposed.

In this article, we will discuss about the Shamli Ambala Expressway project. We will look at some important details of this highway project including the project importance, some technical details, route alignment, types and number of structures proposed under this project, Land Acquisition details, Overall project cost, Current  status of the project, expected date of completion of the expressway project etc. So read this article till the end to have complete information about this project.

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Salient Features of Shamli Ambala Expressway

Shamli Ambala Expressway is a part of a much bigger Ludhiana Bareilly Economic Corridor. This will be constructed as a fully access controlled 6 lane greenfield type expressway which will be constructed between Western Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The project is being developed under Bharatmala Pariyojana.

Overall Length of Shamli Ambala greenfield expressway will be approximately 120 km. The alignment of this expressway will traverse through the backward areas of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana states. It is expected that after successful completion of this project, there will be a significant increase in the employment opportunities, growth in tourism activities, and socio and economic growth of the surrounding region will get a strong boost.

The majority of land area that comes under this project is of agricultural type. Overall terrain of the project is plain type with minor undulations.

Throughout its stretch, Shamli Ambala Expressway will cross 7 rivers and 8 canals. Under this project 2 nos Railway over bridge, 9 Major Bridges, 16 Minor Bridges, 31 Vehicular Underpass, 40 Light Vehicular Underpass, 7 interchanges and 125 Box culvert type structures are proposed.

Along with this, Shamli Ambala Expressway will have overall 16 toll plazas and 6 wayside amenities on its stretch.

8,000 Nos of trees will be cut down during the construction phase of the expressway and to compensate this complementary and roadside plantation work is proposed. In addition to this, approx 140 existing structures that comes in the way of this expressway will also get dismantled.

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The route of Shamli Ambala Expressway falls under seismic zone 4 which means that this area always has a higher chance to experience an earthquake of severe intensity. Keeping this in mind, the structures proposed under this expressway project are designed in such a way that they can withstand the lateral shocks of the earthquake.

Right of way (ROW) of Shamli Ambala Expressway is kept as 60 m wide. The expressway is designed in such a way that vehicles can move with a max speed of up to 100 Kmph.

Route Alignment of Shamli Ambala Expressway (Village List)

Throughout its stretch, Shamli Ambala Expressway will cover 6 districts ( 2 districts in Uttar Pradesh + 4 districts in Haryana). In Uttar Pradesh, the expressway will start from Shamli district and will pass through Saharanpur District. Moving ahead, the expressway will cross Karnal, Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra and reach Ambala District in Haryana.

If we look closer to the route alignment, the expressway will start from Delhi Dehradun Expressway in Bhaisini Islampur in Shamli District of Uttar Pradesh. Moving ahead, the expressway will cross Thanabhawan, Sohjani Umerpur, Madhopur, Gangoh, Sanauli, Chogawan, Potli, Radaur, Dhanupura, Gangauri, Talheri Rangran, Adhoya, Rajauli, Binta, Mithapur, Khelan, Nagla, Pangakhora and will end at NH-152 near Patti Rangran in Ambala District in Haryana.

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Shamli Ambala Expressway Map Pdf
Shamli Ambala Expressway Route Map

Interactive Map of Shamli Ambala Expressway 

Land Acquisition details and Cost of Shamli Ambala Expressway

If we now look at the details of Land Acquisition work, overall 750 Hectares of land will be acquired under this expressway project.

According to the reports, Overall cost of Shamli Ambala Expressway is approximately INR 3,693 Crores.

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Construction Packages & Contractors of Shamli Ambala Expressway

The construction work of this highway project will be carried out as Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) mode. For construction activity, the expressway has been divided into 3 packages and currently, the construction tenders for these packages have already been floated and the work for the construction has been awarded to the following contractors.

Package & Chainage Contractor / Status
Pkg 1 (44.90 km): Gogwan Jalalpur to Ranipur Barsi (Km. 000.600 to 45.500) Raj Shyama
Pkg 2 (38.90 km): Ranipur Barsi to Adhoya Musalmana (Km 45.500 to 84.400) APCO Infratech
Pkg 3 (37.386 km): Adhoya Musalmana to Sadopur (Km 84.400 to 121.786) Montecarlo Ltd. (MCL)

Expected Completion of Shamli to Ambala Highway Project

The construction work of this expressway on ground is expected to get started by the end of year 2022 and as per its schedule, the construction period of this expressway project is around 2.5 years which means the Shamli Ambala Expressway will be started and become operational by year 2025.

After successful completion of this expressway, the connectivity between Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh will be improved significantly.

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