Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive

Undertaking a home renovation? This guide covers key tips to get your home – and you – ready before the contractors arrive. From clearing spaces to protecting belongings, managing pets to preparing temporary arrangements, these proactive steps will allow the contractors to work efficiently while reducing disruptions. With the upfront investment of time and care this guide recommends, your renovation can reach a successful conclusion. Let’s get ready to welcome the contractors!

Make Space for the Contractors to Work

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive
Make Space for the Contractors to Work

When contractors arrive to work on your home improvement or repair projects, you want to make sure they have adequate space to do their jobs efficiently. This may require some furniture shuffling and clearing on your part prior to their arrival. Make sure there is a clear path from the entrance they’ll use to get in and out to the areas where they’ll be working. If possible, completely remove furniture and items from the rooms or spaces where the contractors will be.

For example, if you’re having your kitchen remodeled, try to remove as many items as you can from the kitchen counters, cabinets and pantry so there are fewer dishes and belongings for the contractors to work around. If major demolition, electrical work or plumbing work will be done, the more free space there is, the better.

Protect Your Belongings

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive
Protect Your Belongings (Image by DCStudio on Freepik)

In addition to clearing space, you also need to protect your belongings from potential damage during the project. Since contractors will be moving around and doing heavy-duty work, things may get bumped or spilled on accident.

Take time to move breakables, art, computers, TVs and other valuables out of the work zones if possible. Cover furniture that can’t be relocated with protective blankets or plastic sheeting. You can find these materials at hardware stores for an affordable price.

For items that absolutely must stay put, like heavy furniture or appliances, make sure they are completely covered and marked as fragile. Use brightly colored tape so the contractors can easily identify protected items.

Create a Temporary Kitchen If Needed

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive
Temporary Kitchen

If your kitchen remodel will make your kitchen completely inaccessible for a period of time, set up a temporary kitchen in another area so you can still prep meals. The garage or laundry room often work well.

Get a mini-fridge, microwave, electric skillet, slow cooker and other handy appliances to get by until your new kitchen is done. Stock up on paper plates, cups and plastic utensils too.

Make sure you have the basics on hand for coffee and breakfast as well. Having some simple grab-and-go food options will make the kitchen remodel disruption much smoother to handle.

Clean Thoroughly

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive
Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive

Do a deep clean before the contractors arrive. Vacuum or mop all floors, dust everywhere, and thoroughly clean the bathrooms. Contractors will appreciate arriving at a tidy workspace.

It’s also important to get rid of clutter like piles of magazines, kid’s toys, etc. from the work areas. This not only allows the contractors better access but also helps avoid your belongings getting dirty or damaged.

Depending on the project, you may need to do more extensive prep like clearing out cabinets or removing window treatments. Whatever needs to be emptied and cleaned, do it beforehand.

Create a Game Plan for Pets

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive
Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive

If you have pets that will be home during the work, make a plan to keep them out from underfoot for their safety and to prevent them from escaping outside. Dogs should be crated or kept in a closed room as much as possible. Make sure they have access to food, water and potty breaks.

For cats, set up a separate room with their litter boxes, food bowls and beds. Close the door to keep them away from the construction noise and workers coming inside and out. Keeping blinds closed also helps minimize their stress.

Pets may need tranquilizers from your vet or a temporary stay at a kennel/cattery if they are very high strung and anxious. Their safety matters, so take steps to protect them.

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Have a Conversation with Your Neighbors

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive
Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive

Doing major renovations or repairs means increased noise, deliveries, and possibly parked construction vehicles on your street. Give your neighbors a heads up about the project, time frame and what to expect.

See if there are ways to minimize inconveniences, like having deliveries and start times delayed until after early morning hours. Offer your contact information in case issues come up that need immediate attention.

Most importantly, be apologetic for disruptions the work may cause. Neighbors will appreciate your consideration and communication. Maintaining goodwill is essential.

Remove Valuables from Vehicles

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive
Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive

With extra contractors and deliveries coming to your home during a major renovation, it’s wise to remove all valuables from vehicles parked on site and keep vehicle doors locked. This provides extra security.

Also consider where materials deliveries will be parked and stored. Identify areas out of walkways and paths to the house but still easily accessible to workers. Communicate parking and material storage plans with the contractor.

Taking these steps helps the job run smoothly while protecting your property. Mark off delivery zones if helpful. The fewer obstacles for workers, the better.

Check Your Utilities

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive
Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive

Verify that all your utilities are in good working order before a major renovation, especially plumbing, gas and electricity. Replacing old or faulty wiring and pipes now can prevent bigger headaches later.

Inform your utility companies about the scope of work being done in case they need to be on alert for any service interruptions. Some projects require turning off the power or water at times.

For total remodels, consider shutting off utilities you won’t need like cable/internet. Why pay for unneeded services? Just be sure to have them turned back on once the renovation finishes.

Do a Final Walkthrough

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive

Right before the contractors start, do one last sweep of the work areas to make sure you’ve fully prepared for their arrival. Look for any remaining furniture to move, valuables to remove, or cleaning that needs to be done.

Also check that doors and gates needed for access are unlocked and wide open for large equipment to enter. The fewer obstacles in their way from the initial walkthrough, the smoother things will go.

With proper upfront prep, your contractors can dive right into the project at full speed. Your home will also stay cleaner and safer throughout the process when adequately prepared.


Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Contractors Arrive

Major home renovations require work not just from the contractors but also the homeowners. Taking time to thoroughly prepare your home and belongings before construction begins makes the project run far more efficiently.

Your possessions will also remain cleaner and more secure when you clear spaces, protect items, secure pets, and do a deep clean beforehand. Proper preparation leads to better results.

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