Ujjain Garoth Greenfield Expressway ( Spur Link to Delhi Mumbai Expressway)


The Ujjain-Garoth Green Field Alignment heralds a new chapter in infrastructure development, a 135.351 km highway project connecting Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh to Garoth in Rajasthan. This transformative initiative, spearheaded by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), envisions fostering economic growth, enhancing connectivity, and facilitating trade while also preserving the environment. This article provides a comprehensive overview of this landmark project.

Project Overview

  • Project Name: Ujjain-Garoth Green Field Highway
  • Total Length: 135.351 km
  • Project Cost: INR 2996 Crores
  • Lanes: 4
  • Agency: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Estimated Completion Deadline: 2025
  • Current Status : Under Construction
  • Starting Point: Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh (23°07’14″N, 75°50’20″E)
  • Ending Point: Garoth, Madhya Pradesh (24°17’29″N, 75°38’27″E)

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Route Alignment of Ujjain Garoth Greenfield Expressway:

The proposed alignment encompasses a diverse landscape, traversing through plains, rolling terrains, and hilly regions. The highway starts at Ujjain, near Kuwaria town (proposed Bypass road), passes through Khilchipur, Ghosla, Barod in Madhya Pradesh, enters Jhalawar District in Rajasthan, and culminates at Garoth, Mandsaur District, connecting with the Delhi Vadodara Expressway.

Interactive Map of Ujjain Garoth Greenfield Expressway 

Key Features

  • Alignment: The alignment spans from Ujjain to Garoth, touching upon Ujjain, Agar Malwa, Jhalawar, and Mandsaur divisions. The route includes the Kali Sindh River and various sub streams of the Kshipra River.
  • Environmental Approval: The project secured approval from the Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) for Infrastructure and other relevant projects. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change granted the Terms of Reference (TOR) in February 2021.
  • Project Scope: The project entails the construction of a new 4-lane Greenfield highway, providing efficient and rapid connectivity between Ujjain and the Delhi Vadodara Expressway.
  • Significance: With its strategic location and connectivity, the Ujjain-Garoth alignment is set to become a vital corridor, fostering economic growth, enhancing trade, and providing better employment opportunities.

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Proposed Structures on Ujjain Garoth Greenfield Expressway

Structure Type Quantity
Major Bridges 6
Minor Bridges 81
Road Over Bridges (ROB) 3
Flyovers 3
Vehicle Underpasses 14
Light Vehicle Underpasses 20
Small Vehicle Underpasses 19
Culverts 230

Environmental Stewardship

The project demonstrates a commitment to environmental conservation:

  • A total of approximately 10,180 trees will be affected within a 60-meter Right of Way (RoW). Construction will be limited to designated zones, aligning with MoRTH & IRC guidelines.
  • A comprehensive afforestation program will compensate for the forest area loss due to tree felling during construction.

Project Impact

The Ujjain-Garoth Green Field Alignment has far-reaching implications:

  • Economic Growth: This project acts as a milestone, facilitating economic growth, improved trade, and employment opportunities.
  • International Connectivity: The highway enhances international connectivity for goods transportation.
  • Regional Connectivity: Linking Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, it covers around 135.351 km, benefiting multiple villages and settlements.
  • Traffic Easing: This 4-lane highway is anticipated to be a preferred route for smoother and faster travel, particularly to cities along the Delhi Vadodara Expressway.

Village List of Ujjain Garoth Greenfield Expressway

Ujjain Garoth Greenfield Expressway
Village list of Ujjain Garoth Greenfield Expressway


The Ujjain-Garoth Green Field Alignment embodies progress, connectivity, and environmental responsibility. This ambitious project not only strengthens trade networks but also stands as a testament to sustainable development in the realm of modern infrastructure.

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