10 Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024 Which Will Shape its Future Economy!

Egypt – a country with a legacy of incredible contributions to humanity and a rich history – is not settling for just okay! Over the past 50 years, they’ve seen major upgrades in their infrastructure, covering everything from power and water to telecom and transportation. And compared to other nations, Egypt’s infrastructure is right on par with what you’d expect given their economic status.

This rapidly growing nation isn’t slowing down, especially with a focus on infrastructure expansion. With 49 multi-billion dollar mega construction projects happening, Egypt is leading the pack in Africa’s big building boom, according to Deloitte’s 2019 Africa Construction Report. The construction industry has been on fire in Egypt for the last decade and is expected to soar even higher, with an average growth of 9% from 2021 to 2025.

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Public-private partnerships and a drive towards eco-friendly, high-end infrastructure are fueling this growth. Real estate has long been viewed as a safe investment for many Egyptians, with its value consistently rising. The Egyptian government is a major player in the construction game too, with plans for a new administrative capital, upgraded transportation systems including ports and airports, and 14 new smart cities in the works. Get ready to see the 10 most incredible upcoming mega projects in Egypt !

Concentrated Solar Power Plants

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

In a collaborative effort between Smart Engineering Solutions and the Ministry of Military Production, Egypt is taking strides towards a sustainable energy future. The plan to design and locally engineer concentrated solar power (CSP) plants is set into motion, and it’s nothing short of audacious.

Projected to cost a hefty 1.2 billion dollars, this sustainable energy initiative will bring to life five CSP plants, each with a capacity of 50 megawatts, for a total of 250 megawatts. The investment for each station is a staggering 250 million dollars, adding up to a grand total of 1.25 billion dollars.

But fear not, the Egyptian state won’t bear the brunt of this massive undertaking. A large portion of the financing, up to 70%, will come from international bodies, with local banks contributing 10% to 15%.

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Capital Med City

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

Prepare to be astounded by the birth of a medical behemoth in Egypt! The Capital Med Medical City is set to be the crowning glory of healthcare in the Middle East, with a land space of 110 acres that will house the largest medical complex in the region.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling metropolis of greater Cairo and with seamless access to road networks and freeways, this colossus of medicine will be the beating heart of healthcare across the Middle East and North Africa.

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With an investment of 1.3 billion dollars and a construction timeline of five years, the Capital Med Medical City is poised to create 10,000 to 13,000 job opportunities and provide top-notch medical services, education, research, and training across all specialties. This 2,000-bed capacity facility will leave a lasting impact on the world of healthcare.

New Alamein City

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

Prepare to be awed by the grandeur and beauty of the brand-new Alamain City, where five magnificent residential buildings are currently being built. In a partnership with Egypt’s New Urban Communities Authority, China’s State Construction Engineering Corporation is constructing these imposing skyscrapers, which are estimated to be worth $1.9 billion.

These beautiful structures are nestled on the northern Mediterranean coast, overlooking a man-made lake and providing residents with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. These towers, whose construction took 39 months for four of the structures and 45 months for the biggest of them all, are ready to raise the bar for opulent living.

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The largest of them all, at 250 meters tall with a 465,000 square meter base, promises to be the most impressive of them all. New Alamain City is a smart city that was just launched by the Egyptian President and is positioned to be a hub for tourism, education, and governance. It is situated around 85 kilometers from Borgel Arab International Airport.

It is expected to cost 1.3 billion dollars to build the city’s first phase, which spans 202 million square meters. This smart city will become even more magnificent with the addition of these five residential buildings, making it a must-visit location for anybody traveling to Egypt!

Tahrir Petrochemical Complex

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

Get ready for the grand unveiling of the Tahrir Petrochemical Complex! This magnificent structure is a petrochemical powerhouse, poised to operate at full capacity with a 1.5 million ton per year ethylene cracker and a 1.4 million ton per year polyethylene complex.

This facility is the epitome of engineering prowess, producing a wide range of products like propylene, polypropylene, hexene, benzene, and styrene. Spanning an impressive five million square meters in the Suez Special Economic Development Zone, the complex is the brainchild of Carbo Holdings. This ambitious project comes at a cost of 6.7 billion dollars, making it the largest petrochemical project in Egypt.

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Once completed, the Tahrir Petrochemical Complex will reign supreme as the largest NAFTA cracker plant in the world, generating 48,000 jobs and providing essential services both domestically and internationally. Despite initial projections that forecasted completion in 2017, various factors have caused delays, with construction finally getting underway in 2020.

The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company signed a cooperation agreement with the American company Vegetal Group for the implementation of the project, as confirmed by the country’s Ministry of Petroleum. Get ready to witness a true marvel of modern technology and industrial prowess!

October Oasis

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

Prepare to be astounded by the October Oasis’ incredible beauty!

The October Oasis, one of the largest and most ambitious infrastructure developments ever undertaken in the land of the pharaohs, is a wonder of architectural skill and urban design that soars to new heights at a staggering 8.5 billion dollars in building costs.

This urban utopia aims to deliver a perfect blend of high, moderate, and low-income residential units, ensuring that every desire of a brighter tomorrow is within reach.

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It is hidden among the undulating hills of Giza, around 32 kilometers from the busy metropolis of Cairo.

The October Oasis is a memorial to the bravery and resilience of the Egyptian people on October 6, 1973, during the Arab-Israeli conflict, and it is a bright testament of the government’s commitment to providing a better future for all of its citizens.

This effort is being led by the New Urban Communities Authority of the Ministry of Housing.

Are you prepared to contribute to this historic site?

Come experience the splendor of the October Oasis with us, where the past and future collide and a better tomorrow is attainable!

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El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

Embodying ambition and technological prowess, the El Daba Nuclear Power Plant rises to the forefront of energy production in Egypt. Inspired by Russia’s Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, which provides half of the energy needs of St. Petersburg, the Daba Plant aims to surpass it with a staggering 4,800 megawatts of nuclear power generation capacity, generated by four state-of-the-art VVER 1200 reactors.

Located 130 km northwest of bustling Cairo in the Matrao Governate, the El DabaNuclear Power Plant is set to be the first of its kind in Egypt and cement the country’s reputation as the only African nation boasting a Generation Three Plus reactor. The colossal 29 billion dollar utility project is spearheaded by Boriside and will receive a whopping 85% of its financing from Russia in the form of a state loan, repayable over 13 years with an annual 3% interest rate. Egypt will provide the remaining 15% through installments.

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As per Amjad Al-Wakiel, Chairman of Egypt’s Nuclear Power Plants Authority, a construction permit is anticipated to be granted in the latter half of 2021. The journey towards realizing this massive undertaking began in November 2015, when Egypt and Russia signed an initial agreement for Russia to build and finance the country’s first nuclear power plant.

The partnership was solidified in December 2017 when preliminary contracts for the construction of the four VVER 1200 units were signed in the presence of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Citygate Project

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

Embark on a journey to the future with the revolutionary Citygate Project! Nestled just 30 kilometers southeast of bustling Cairo, this integrated community will offer a seamless blend of urban living and lush greenery across 2,100 acres of land. Get ready to be pampered with a plethora of luxurious amenities including top-notch hotels, opulent villas, and premium residential units, all surrounded by world-class educational and healthcare facilities, electrifying entertainment options and sports complexes.

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Divided into two phases, the first phase is estimated to cost a whopping 54 billion dollars and will set the foundation for a thriving community. The second phase, however, is where the real magic happens! Get ready to call one of the 439 residential apartments your new home, each designed with a contemporary touch and an eye for detail.

The Citygate Project has faced some delays in the past, but with a recent resolution of the dispute between developers Qatari Dire Real Estate Investment and the New Urban Communities Authority in Egypt, the project is now all set to take off. Get ready to live the dream in the city of tomorrow!

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New Administrative Capital

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

Looking to make a bold statement with its vision 2030, Egypt is pushing forward with construction of the new administrative capital. This impressive city, located just beyond the second Greater Cairo Ring Road, is being crafted to be the new hub of government and finance, with government agencies, foreign embassies, and key departments all located within its limits.

With the aim of easing the chronic congestion in current capital, Cairo, the new city is designed to accommodate up to 7 million people. The transfer of parliament, presidential palaces, government ministries, and foreign embassies is slated to happen between 2022 and 2023, marking a major milestone for this grand project.

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A cost of 58 billion dollars is estimated for the full construction of this stunning city, which is being built by some of the top players in the construction industry, including China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Arab Contractors, Wadiel Nile for Contracting, and the Egyptian Spanish Alliance. With all this talent working together, it’s no wonder why the new administrative capital is destined to become the most beautiful city in all of Africa!

Hurghada luxer high speed rail

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

The Hurghada Luxor High-Speed Rail is a marvel of engineering ingenuity and innovation, crafted from the collaborative effort of three powerhouses in the construction world: Boris Construction, Arab Contractors, and Germany’s Siemens Mobility. With a concession signed with the Egyptian National Authority for Tunnels, this grandiose rail system, stretching a magnificent 1700 kilometers, is set to revolutionize the way Egypt moves.

At an estimated cost of 23 billion dollars, the first line of this high-speed juggernaut will connect Ain Sachna on the Gulf of Suez to the Mediterranean through the new administrative capital along a 460-kilometer line, with a construction cost of three billion dollars and a projected completion date of 2024.

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With the capability to reach speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour, the Hurghada Luxor High-Speed Rail will be the second fastest train in Africa, second only to Morocco’s Al-Borag train, which zooms along at a top speed of 320 kilometers per hour. Groundbreaking research and surveying have been completed, and the route planning is underway, with construction of bridges, industrial works for the track, stations, and fences underway by top-tier Egyptian companies specializing in these areas.

The second phase of the project will link the ports of Alexandria and Mat Rau Gargan, while the third and fourth phases will network Hurghada and Shubra with Luxor and Six October City to Luxor and the Swan respectively. Get ready to be transported to your destination with lightning speed and unparalleled comfort, as the Hurghada Luxor High-Speed Rail readies for its grand debut!

Tahya Misr Bridge

Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2023
Upcoming Mega Projects in Egypt 2024

The Rod El Farag Axis Bridge or simply Tahya Misr Bridge – a towering spectacle of engineering prowess and a symbol of Egypt’s ambitious plans to bolster its infrastructure. This cable-stayed marvel boasts the title of being the world’s widest bridge, stretching a magnificent 17.2 kilometers in both directions and featuring a fluctuating width that ranges from 48 meters to 67.3 meters.

A project of incredible magnitude, the Tahir Misra was constructed with the purpose of alleviating traffic congestion in the bustling capital of Cairo and seamlessly connecting the northern and eastern urban areas to the western parts of the city, reducing commuting time over the Nile.

The construction of this colossal bridge was awarded to Egyptian-based Arab Contractors and the Engineering Authority in the Armed Forces in 2016, and it required the expertise of 400 engineers, technicians, and a labor force to bring it to life. With an estimated cost of 9.6 million dollars, the Tahir Misra Bridge was officially inaugurated in May of the previous year, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of infrastructure and providing a sleek, modern solution for commuters in Cairo.

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These upcoming mega projects in egypt are surely going to give a boost to the country’s economy in near future!

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