Warangal-Khammam Greenfield Highway Project Information, Route Map and Status


The Warangal-Khammam Greenfield Highway Project is set to redefine connectivity and pave the way for regional growth. Developed by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), this 108.24 km access-controlled highway, traversing through diverse districts of Telangana, holds the promise of economic development, enhanced trade, and improved living standards. This article presents a comprehensive overview of this transformative endeavor.

Project Overview

  • Project Name: Warangal-Khammam Green Field Highway
  • Total Length: 108.24 km
  • Lanes: 4 Lanes
  • Right of Way: 45 Meters
  • Current Status: Under Construction
  • Estimated Project Cost: INR 2899 Cr
  • Estimated Completion: 2026
  • Agency: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
  • Starting Point: Orugonda village, Hanumakonda district (Ch: 112+240)
  • Ending Point: Outskirts of Khammam, Telangana (Ch: 220+480)

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Route Alignment of Warangal-Khammam Greenfield Highway

This highway spans four districts, with sections in Hanumakonda, Warangal, Mahabubabad, and Khammam. The alignment reflects a dynamic interplay of plain and rolling terrain, fostering seamless connectivity across diverse landscapes.

 Interactive Map of Warangal-Khammam Greenfield Highway

Proposed structures on Warangal-Khammam Greenfield Highway

Type Quantity
Minor bridges (MNB) 47 Nos
Major bridges (MNB) 02 Nos
LVUP (Light Vehicular Underpasses) 47 Nos
VUP (Vehicular Underpasses) 9 Nos

Key Features 

  • Terrain and RoW: The proposed 108.24 km highway is designed for a design speed of 100 kmph. It boasts a 45-meter Right of Way (RoW) and is structured to address the distinctive terrain and land use patterns, which encompass agricultural and barren lands.
  • Economic Corridor: The Warangal-Khammam Green Field Highway is an essential component of the Nagpur-Vijayawada economic corridor under the Bharatmala Pariyojana. The project focuses on improving existing roads, constructing new ones, and enhancing connectivity to ports and coastal regions.
  • Local and Regional Impact: The project is poised to catalyze economic growth, improve trade and commerce, and elevate the quality of life for communities residing in the vicinity. Benefits include better connectivity to important towns, reduced transport costs, enhanced road network access for nearby villages, and an upswing in economic opportunities and local amenities.

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Environmental Stewardship

  • A total of 4022 trees will be felled within the 45-meter RoW. Mitigation strategies will limit construction impact in compliance with MoRTH & IRC guidelines.
  • An afforestation program will be undertaken to compensate for forest area loss due to tree felling during construction.

Village List on Warangal-Khammam Greenfield Highway

Village List of Warangal Khammam greenfield highway
Village List of Warangal Khammam greenfield highway

Village List of Warangal Khammam greenfield highway

Socio-Economic Impact

The Warangal-Khammam Green Field Highway Project is poised to be a catalyst for positive change:

  • High-Speed Connectivity: As an access-controlled highway, it promises enhanced traffic management, reduced congestion, and expedited freight movement, significantly cutting travel times between key points along the corridor.
  • Boosting Economic Growth: Seamless connectivity translates to increased accessibility, thereby fueling trade, tourism, and commerce across the region.
  • Decongesting Existing Routes: The project is expected to divert traffic from existing roads, alleviating congestion and enhancing travel conditions for local commuters.
  • Promoting Safe Travel: The access-controlled design minimizes distractions and conflict zones, ensuring safer and more secure travel.

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Future Outlook

As the Warangal-Khammam Green Field Highway Project comes to fruition, it sets the stage for:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Improved accessibility will benefit various segments of society, including the general populace, farmers, and businesses.
  • Economic Fortification: The project acts as a vital economic artery, facilitating trade and promoting prosperity across the region.
  • Education and Healthcare: Communities will gain better access to higher education and modern healthcare facilities.
  • Rural Empowerment: Strengthening the rural economy through improved connectivity bodes well for the state and country’s economic landscape.


The Warangal-Khammam Green Field Highway Project is not just a roadway; it’s a conduit for progress, fostering economic vibrancy, promoting sustainable practices, and enhancing the lives of communities along its path. This modern infrastructure initiative embodies a brighter future for Telangana and a testament to thoughtful development.

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