Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Highway Project

Transforming Connectivity: The Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Expressway Project


Infrastructure is the backbone of development, and roadways are the arteries that connect progress to places. The proposed Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Expressway Project is a testament to this belief. Spanning across Y.S.R Kadapa and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh, this project envisions not just a road, but a lifeline for connectivity, development, and accessibility.

Key Details of the Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Highway Project:

  • Project Name: Development of 4 lane Highway from Madakalavaripalli Village (Ch: 630+960) in Y.S.R Kadapa district to Guruvindapudi village (Ch: 739+091) in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh under Bharatmala Prayojana (Lot-5/Package-1)
  • Total Length: 108.131 Km
  • Lanes: 4 Lanes
  • Right of Way (ROW): 45m for open areas, 30m for forest areas.
  • Estimated Project Cost: 3551.59 Crore
  • Alignment Coordinates: Start – 14°44’41.44″N 79° 5’20.27″E, End – 14°16’50.57″N 79°54’27.92″E
  • Total Land Required: Approx. 467.748 ha
  • Starting Point: Madakalavaripalli Village (Ch: 630+960), Y.S.R Kadapa district
  • Ending Point: Guruvindapudi Village (Ch: 739+091), Nellore district
  • ESZ Area: Penusila Narsimha Sanctuary
  • Crossings: Penna river, 4 ponds, 39 canals/nallas
  • Tree Impact: Approx. 2464 trees affected

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Proposed Route Alignment:

The expressway journey commences from Madakalavaripalli Village, winding its way through Y.S.R Kadapa and Nellore districts, and culminating at Guruvindapudi Village. This 108.131 km stretch is a crucial conduit, fostering economic growth and accessibility across the region.

Interactive map of Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Highway (Indicative Map)

Proposed Structures on Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Highway Project: .

To ensure seamless connectivity, the project envisions the following structures:

Type Quantity
Bridges 6 Major Bridges, 73 Minor Bridges
Underpasses 7 Vehicular Underpasses, 34 Light Vehicular Underpasses
Rail Over Bridges 2 Locations
Culverts 206

Animal Crossings and Safety Measures: Prioritizing safety and wildlife, the project proposes animal crossings in consultation with the forest department. Stringent safety measures, as per NHAI Safety Manual, IRC: SP 88, and Expressway Manual IRC: SP99, will be adopted. These measures encompass traffic safety, construction zone safety, temporary structures safety, worker safety, electrical and mechanical safety, and more.

Green Initiatives: Environmental responsibility is paramount. The project proposes avenue plantation in line with IRC SP 21:2009 and the Green Highway Policy, 2015. This not only complements compensatory afforestation but also contributes to a sustainable ecosystem. Tree enumeration during the detailed EIA Study will ensure a comprehensive inventory of affected trees.

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Material Requirements for Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Highway Project (Approx):

The project’s material needs are substantial:

Material Quantity
Soil 9743044 Cum
Bitumen 25049 MT
Emulsion 1866 MT
Cement 233794 MT
Steel Reinforcement 65538 MT
Aggregates 1190180 Cum
Sand 336766 Cum

Water Consumption: Water is a vital resource during construction:

  • Water Requirement: Approx. 20,93,156 KL

Village List of Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Highway Project

Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Highway Project

Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Highway Project

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The Y.S.R Kadapa to Nellore Expressway Project transcends a mere road; it signifies transformation, progress, and empowerment. It symbolizes the promise of better connectivity, economic upliftment, and accessibility, fostering development across Y.S.R Kadapa and Nellore districts. This project is a true testament to the power of infrastructure in shaping a brighter future.

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